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  • Outrun the Moon

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    This novel is nowhere near my typical wheelhouse; there are no aliens, no dragons, no ghosts...well, maybe one ghost. BUT, I am so glad that I picked it up and as soon as I did I couldn’t put it down. Mercy Wong (the hero of this story) has all of the characteristics I hope for my future daughter, she is strong, kind, brilliant, and she doesn’t let anyone tell her what she can or cannot do. And, for a Chinese American girl in 1906 San Francisco, there are a lot of things that Mercy is told she can’t do. But what she can do, and does very well, is spread compassion, refuse to back down against injustice, and be a hero in a time of need, even when those that need her help are the same people who wanted her gone. Beautifully written, topical, and just generally well done, Outrun the Moon will give you ALL THE FEELS! -- Chelsa

    — From Outrun the Moon


    From the author of the critically acclaimed Under a Painted Sky, an unforgettable story of determination set against a backdrop of devastating tragedy. Perfect for fans of Code Name Verity.

    Winner of the PEN Center USA Literary Award for Young Adult
    Winner of the Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature

    San Francisco, 1906: Fifteen-year-old Mercy Wong is determined to break from the poverty of Chinatown, and an education at St. Clare’s School for Girls is her best hope. Although St. Clare’s is off-limits to all but the wealthiest white girls, Mercy gains admittance through a mix of cunning and a little bribery, only to discover that getting in was the easiest part. Not to be undone by a bunch of spoiled heiresses, Mercy stands strong—until disaster strikes.

    On April 18, a historic earthquake rocks San Francisco, destroying Mercy’s home and school. Now she’s forced to wait with her classmates for their families in a temporary park encampment. Though fires might rage, and the city may be in shambles, Mercy can’t sit by while they wait for the army to bring help—she still has the “bossy” cheeks that mark her as someone who gets things done. But what can one teenage girl do to heal so many suffering in her broken city?

    Stacey Lee masterfully crafts another remarkable novel set against a unique historical backdrop. Strong-willed Mercy Wong leads a cast of diverse characters in this extraordinary tale of survival.

    About the Author

    Stacey Lee is a fourth-generation Chinese American with roots in San Francisco Chinatown. She has lots of experience with earthquakes, having skinned her knees more times than she wants to remember diving under tables. She is the critically acclaimed author of the novels Under a Painted Sky and Outrun the Moon, the winner of the PEN Center USA Literary Award for Young Adult Fiction. Stacey was also a founding member of We Need Diverse Books. Born in Southern California, she graduated from UCLA and then got her law degree at UC Davis King Hall. She lives with her family outside San Francisco. You can visit Stacey at staceyhlee.com. Or follow her on Twitter @staceyleeauthor.

    Praise For…

    * "Full of beautiful turns of phrase, lessons in Chinese customs and superstitions, and a refreshing protagonist representing intersectional diversity, this is a must-read for followers of historical fiction . . . .  powerful, evocative, and thought-provoking."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review
    “Lee creates characters full of depth and nuance that seem historically accurate but still relatable to today’s teens. . . . . A diverse, engaging historical fiction that should not be missed.”—School Library Journal

    “Mercy’s narrative is flecked with witty puns, pithy wisdom from her fortune-telling mother, aphorisms from her favorite business book, and her obsession with bad-luck number four, all of which provide meaningful insight into both her character and her culture. While slipping in plenty of meaty historical context, particularly about the discrimination facing Chinese immigrants at the time, Lee tells a resoundingly warmhearted story about community arising amidst earth-shattering disaster.”—Booklist
    “Mercy is a splendid narrator; her grit and humor makes the steady flow of racism she encounters even more jarring. Historical fiction fans are in for a real treat.”—Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
    “Lee brings an awareness of a (perhaps) lesser known time, place, and immigration issue. Mercy has one adventure after another; dramatic situations that she creates by leaping right into action. Despite her impulsiveness, Mercy is a very believable heroine who is sure to inspire readers to keep following their dreams.”—VOYA

    “[A]n original exploration of a time and place not often depicted in historical fiction.”—Publishers Weekly

     “Stacey Lee is an incredible voice in historical fiction, but she may have outdone even herself in her recent Outrun the Moon.Bustle.com

    "Stacey Lee’s second novel weaves in compelling topics including class inequality, fall-out from natural disaster, and the drive of a 'bossy girl.' A historical fiction that features a fierce female protagonist."TeenVogue.com
    “Immersive and riveting. Mercy Wong had my heart from page one.”—Sabaa Tahir, New York Times bestselling author of An Ember in the Ashes
    “A fantastic read! Emotional, entertaining, and bewitching as it brings to life San Francisco in 1906.”—Cynthia Kadohata, author of the Newbery Award-winning Kira-Kira and the National Book Award-winning The Thing About Luck 

    Product Details
    ISBN: 9780399175411
    ISBN-10: 0399175415
    Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
    Publication Date: May 24th, 2016
    Pages: 400
    Language: English
  • The Course of Love

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    Yes,it's a novel, but it's also classic Alain de Botton essays sandwiched between the chapters of a novel, which makes it twice as nice. Rahib and Kirsten are a thoroughly modern British couple - they meet, fall in love, marry, have two children, succeed or fail in their respective careers...You might think it's not much of a story, but it is -- it's perhaps the only story there is. It's a lovely book.

    - Cynthia

    — From The Course of Love


    The Course of Love is a return to the form that made Mr. de Botton’s name in the mid-1990s….love is the subject best suited to his obsessive aphorizing, and in this novel he again shows off his ability to pin our hopes, methods and insecurities to the page.” —The New York Times

    The long-awaited and beguiling second novel from Alain de Botton that tracks the beautifully complicated arc of a romantic partnership, from the internationally bestselling author of How Proust Can Change Your Life. De Botton’s essay “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person” (The New York Times, May 28, 2016), which draws from The Course of Love, was the #1 most emailed article for days.

    We all know the headiness and excitement of the early days of love. But what comes after? In Edinburgh, a couple, Rabih and Kirsten, fall in love. They get married, they have children—but no long-term relationship is as simple as “happily ever after.” The Course of Love is a novel that explores what happens after the birth of love, what it takes to maintain love, and what happens to our original ideals under the pressures of an average existence. You experience, along with Rabih and Kirsten, the first flush of infatuation, the effortlessness of falling into romantic love, and the course of life thereafter. Interwoven with their story and its challenges is an overlay of philosophy—an annotation and a guide to what we are reading.

    This is a Romantic novel in the true sense, one interested in exploring how love can survive and thrive in the long term. The result is a sensory experience—fictional, philosophical, psychological—that urges us to identify deeply with these characters and to reflect on his and her own experiences in love. Fresh, visceral, and utterly compelling, The Course of Love is a provocative and life-affirming novel for everyone who believes in love.

    About the Author

    Alain de Botton is the author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction, including On Love, How Proust Can Change Your Life, The Consolations of Philosophy, The Art of Travel, and The Course of Love. He lives in London where he founded The School of Life, an organization devoted to fostering emotional health and intelligence. More can be found at AlainDeBotton.com.

    Praise For…


    The Course of Love is a return to the form that made Mr. de Botton’s name in the mid-1990s…. love is the subject best suited to his obsessive aphorizing, and in this novel he again shows off his ability to pin our hopes, methods and insecurities to the page.” ­
    The New York Times

    “There's no writer alive like de Botton, and his latest ambitious undertaking is as enlightening and humanizing as his previous works.”
    Chicago Tribune

    "For me, the publication of any book by Alain de Botton is as much a reason for celebration as it is for cerebration, and his novel The Course of Love is a satisfying look at relationships and the perils of romantic love. This public philosopher writes with verve."
    –Wall Street Journal (WSJ.com)

    "This book is like a self-help book for dating and relationships, disguised as a novel...We understand what each person is thinking and why, with de Botton’s insights sprinkled in. It made me rethink what it means to be happy in a relationship."
    –The Cut (NYMag.com)

    “[De Botton] analyzes Rabih's feelings, especially, with the finesse of a therapist—and in fact there is more than a whiff of the couch in this exemplary tale…Readers looking for insights and guidance will find plenty.”

    “An engrossing tale [that] provides plenty of food for thought.”
    People (Best New Books pick)

    "Assured...The author deftly delivers both sides of the marriage, exploring the incompatible interplay of romantic love and practical love...Part literary novel, part self-help handbook, “The Course of Love” certainly illuminates the subtle and not-so-subtle fissures of one modern marriage and what it takes for two people to stay together through the years...this nontraditional novel is generous in its spirit and message."
    –San Francisco Chronicle

    "A cunning novel that tells of a couple from the spark of first love, maintenance through the demands of children and career, the challenges of boredom, and aging. What happens to our original ideals under the pressures of an average existence?"
    –San Francisco Chronicle

    "A living, volatile portrait of how two very different souls love, complement and aggravate each other. You may not agree with all of de Botton’s thoughts on marriage, but it’s wonderful how he makes such a big, sweeping subject out of routine existence...[De Botton's] uncanny access to Rabih’s and Kirsten’s contrasting feelings, aspirations, insecurities and resentments at every changing stage of their love lives makes the novel a marvel." 
    –Seattle Times

    '“The always-intriguing de Botton, who returns to fiction after 20 years and numerous nonfiction books, aims to answer the question, What is it like to be married for awhile? The answers are often funny but also quite moving, thought provoking, forgiving, and drenched in truth.”

    "An ambitious book; one that resolves, if it cannot change art, to widen our expectations of what we might go to a novel for. The lives of Kirsten and Rabih...help us in a solemn way to examine the illusions and pains that loving relationships are heir to. The Course of Love testifies that discontented families, if we cannot call them unhappy ones, are much alike after all."

    “Well-observed and imbued with a tenderness that feels authentic and uncynical. It may even save some marriages. My bet is that if de Botton’s name were taken off this book it would be fêted by the sort of people who are in thrall to Milan Kundera and Adam Thirlwell. He wants us to feel less alone — and that’s not such a bad thing.”
    Evening Standard (UK)

    “The course of true love may not run smooth, but the storytelling certainly does in this wise, humane and irresistibly readable history of an appealingly nuanced relationship. De Botton deftly moves us through time, weaving in philosophical interludes that showcase his essayistic gifts, so that before we know it we have lived a whole life with these two, and they are just getting started. De Botton directs his ferocious intelligence at the most complex puzzle of all, and it seems that no intellectual or emotional problem surpasses his ability to solve it.”
    —Matthew Thomas, New York Times bestselling author of We Are Not Ourselves

    “The Course of Love is a complete delight. Not surprisingly, I feel that Alain de Botton not only wrote it for me, but also that we must have been conversing on these subjects happily and deeply, privately or in my dreams.”
    —Amy Bloom, New York Times bestselling author of Away and Lucky Us

    Praise for On Love:

    "The Romantic Movement sheds light on the nature of relationships...The method of telling much and showing little produces a good deal of wit, cogency, and humor."
    —John Updike, The New Yorker

    "A reader gets whiffs of Donald Barthelme, Julian Barnes, Woody Allen...De Botton borrows exuberantly, and well, from forebears [and] therein lies the buoyant charm of this approach."
    Lisa Zeidner, The New York Times Book Review

    "Smart and ironic...The success of On Love has much to do with its beautifully modeled sentences, its wry humor, and its unwavering deadpan respect for the reader's intelligence."
    Francine Prose, The New Yorker

    Praise for The Architecture of Happiness:

    “De Botton has a marvelous knack for coming at weighty subjects from entertainingly eccentric angles.”
    The Seattle Times

    "An elegant book. . . . Unusual . . . full of big ideas. . . . Seldom has there been a more sensitive marriage of words and images."
    The New York Sun

    "With originality, verve, and wit, de Botton explains how we find reflections of our own values in the edifices we make. . . . Altogether satisfying."
    San Francisco Chronicle

    "De Botton is high falutin' but user friendly. . . . He keeps architecture on a human level."
    Los Angeles Times

    Praise for How Proust Can Change Your Life:

    "Delightfully original.... As well as being criticism, biography, literary history, and a reader's guide to Proust's masterpiece, this is a self-help book in the deepest sense of the term."
    The New York Times

    "One of my favorite books of the year.... Seriously cheeky, cheekily serious."
    —Julian Barnes

    "Curious, humorous, didactic, and dazzling.... It contains more human interest and play of fancy than most fiction."
    —John Updike, The New Yorker

    "A witty, elegant book that helps us learn what reading is for."
    Doris Lessing

    "A wonderful meditation on aspects of Proust in the form of a self-help book. Very enjoyable."
    Sebastian Faulks

    "Funny and very refreshing."
    San Francisco Chronicle

    Praise for The Consolations of Philosophy:

    “Wonderfully original, quirky.... De Botton finds inspiration where others might fail to look.”

    "An enjoyable read... In clear, witty prose, de Botton...sets some of [the philosophers'] ideas to the mundane task of helping readers with their personal problems.... The quietly ironic style and eclectic approach will gratify many postmodern readers."
    Publishers Weekly
    Product Details
    ISBN: 9781501134258
    ISBN-10: 1501134256
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster
    Publication Date: June 14th, 2016
    Pages: 240
    Language: English
  • Before the Fall

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    Hard to Find - Not Available to Order from Mrs. Dalloway's

    Staff Reviews

    A mysterious plane crash.

    Two unlikely survivors.

    Questions abound.

    A great summer page-turner!


    — From Before the Fall

    June 2016 Indie Next List

    “When a private plane plunges into the ocean off Martha's Vineyard, the media and the government want answers. The two survivors -- a middle-aged artist along for the ride and the 4-year-old son of a prominent and powerful family - have little to say. Before the Fall takes the reader on a thrilling ride through the past lives of the other passengers and the aftermath of the crash. As the deepest secrets of the wealthy and those who surround them surface, no one is safe. A brilliant and relentless thriller.”
    — Geoffrey Jennings (M), Rainy Day Books, Fairway, KS


    On a foggy summer night, eleven people--ten privileged, one down-on-his-luck painter--depart Martha's Vineyard on a private jet headed for New York. Sixteen minutes later, the unthinkable happens: the plane plunges into the ocean. The only survivors are the painter Scott Burroughs and a four-year-old boy, who is now the last remaining member of an immensely wealthy and powerful media mogul's family.

    Was it by chance that so many influential people perished? Or was something more sinister at work? A storm of media attention brings Scott fame that quickly morphs into notoriety and accusations, and he scrambles to salvage truth from the wreckage. Amid trauma and chaos, the fragile relationship between Scott and the young boy grows and glows at the heart of this stunning novel, raising questions of fate, morality, and the inextricable ties that bind us together.

    Kristin Hannah raves, "Noah Hawley really knows how to keep a reader turning the pages... a complex, compulsively readable thrill ride of a novel."

    Winner of the 2017 Edgar Award for Best Novel and the 2017 International Thriller Writers Award For Best Novel

    From the Award-Winning Creator of Fargo Comes "One of the Year's Best Suspense Novels" (New York Times).

    About the Author

    Noah Hawley is an Emmy, Golden Globe, PEN, Critics' Choice, and Peabody Award-winning author, screenwriter, and producer. He has published four novels and penned the script for the feature film Lies and Alibis. He created, executive produced, and served as showrunner for ABC's My Generation and The Unusuals and was a writer and producer on the hit series Bones. Hawley is currently executive producer, award-winning series, Fargo, and Legion from FX Productions and Marvel Television.

    Praise For…

    "This is one of the year's best suspense novels, a mesmerizing, surprise-jammed mystery that works purely on its own, character-driven terms....Mr. Hawley has made it very, very easy to race through his book in a state of breathless suspense."—Janet Maslin, New York Times

    "BEFORE THE FALL is a ravishing and riveting beauty of a thriller. It's also a deep exploration of desire, betrayal, creation, family, fate, mortality, and rebirth. It's one part Dennis Lehane, one part Dostoevsky. I was spellbound from first page to last; I haven't fully recovered yet."—Michael Cunningham, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Hours

    "Noah Hawley really knows how to keep a reader turning the pages, but there's more to the novel than suspense. On one hand, BEFORE THE FALL is a complex, compulsively readable thrill ride of a novel. On the other hand, it is an exploration of the human condition, a meditation on the vagaries of human nature, the dark side of celebrity, the nature of art, the power of hope and the danger of an unchecked media. The combination is a potent, gritty thriller that exposes the high cost of news as entertainment and the randomness of fate."—Kristin Hannah, New York Times Book Review

    "[A] terrific thriller...an irresistible mystery.. a tale that's both an intriguing puzzle and a painful story of human loss."—Patrick Anderson, Washington Post

    "Imagine that Agatha Christie had set a closed-room mystery on an airplane and included Wall Street and entertainment executive types in her lineup of suspects. Now imagine that airplane crashing into the Atlantic before the story even gets going....Mr. Hawley, the expert TV showrunner, obviously had the skills to pull this off."—New York Times, "The Top Books of 2016"

    "I started and finished BEFORE THE FALL in one day. That begins to tell you what kind of smart, compellingly dramatic read it is.

    So read it."—James Patterson, #1 New York Times bestselling author and winner of the National Book Foundation's 2015 Literarian Award

    "A masterly blend of mystery, suspense, tragedy, and shameful media hype...a gritty tale of a man overwhelmed by unwelcome notoriety, with a stunning, thoroughly satisfying conclusion."—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

    "A pulse-pounding story, grounded in humanity."—Booklist (starred review)

    "BEFORE THE FALL is an astonishing, character-driven tour-de-force. The story is a multi-layered, immersive examination of truth, relationships, and our unquenchable thirst for the media's immediate explanation of unfathomable tragedy."—Karin Slaughter, #1 internationally bestselling author

    "Savvy and absorbing... cathartic...BEFORE THE FALL is about the gulf that separates perception and truth, and the people who fall into it."—Sam Sacks, Wall Street Journal

    "BEFORE THE FALL kicks ass. A surefire summer read."
    Justin Cronin, New York Times bestselling author of The Passage and City of Mirrors

    "Like the successful screenwriter that he is, Hawley piles on enough intrigues and plot complications to keep you hooked."—Kirkus Reviews

    "This isn't just a good novel; it's a great one. I trusted no one in these pages, yet somehow cared about them all. BEFORE THE FALL brings a serrated edge to every character, every insight, and every wicked twist."—Brad Meltzer, bestselling author of The President's Shadow

    "Noah Hawley soon veers his highly entertaining novel into an insightful look at families, revenge and media intrusion...Hawley invests the same care with a soupcon of dark humor into BEFORE THE FALL as he does on the TV series 'Fargo'...superb and cleverly constructed."—Associated Press

    "A riveting beach read."—People, "The Best New Books"

    "[A] page-turner."—Vanity Fair

    "A remarkable and memorable accomplishment by any standard...BEFORE THE FALL is brilliantly constructed and wonderfully told.... a tale that will haunt you long after you read the last page, even as you wish the narrative was twice as long, for all the right reasons."—Book Reporter

    "Essential reading this summer for anyone who likes a good story well told...You won't read a more thoughtful page-turner anytime soon...irresistibly cinematic."—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    "Remarkably fun to read, filled with suspense, memorable characters and incredibly visual scenes...a compulsive experience."—Austin American-Statesman

    "Compulsively written and involving, BEFORE THE FALL is a stunning inquiry into human drive and desire...A powerful and genuinely surprising work."—The Saturday Star

    "Abundant chills and thrills...Noah Hawley's novel grabs you by the throat and won't let go...BEFORE THE FALL is storytelling at its best, as Hawley presents a range of diverse characters with rich histories... Seeds of doubt are cast in what is sure to be the summer book you won't want to miss."—The Missourian

    "In the hands of a writer like Noah Hawley, who knows how to build tension from mundane moments, it is a remarkable thriller that most readers will find difficult to put down...it moves toward a breathless ending."—The Washington Times

    "A complex exploration of human nature in an age of celebrity."—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    "Won [our] hearts and minds...it will be the big talker of the summer."—New York Post, "Summer's Hottest Reads"

    "[The] thriller of the summer."—The Baltimore Sun

    "The crash and the flashbacks recall Lost and Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer-winning novel, The Bridge Over San Luis Rey, and Scott's travails are the lot of every hero in a conspiratorial thriller going back to The 39 Steps."—Slate

    "BEFORE THE FALL will seize you on the first page and never let you go, as you follow the story of a plane crash and the complicated and confusing investigation about why it happened."—Vanity Fair, "The 5 Must-Read Books for the Last Five Weeks of Summer"

    "Fast-paced, mysterious...reads like a great episode of TV."—The Tennessean

    "A riveting summer read...the author manages to draw out beauty from the heartbreak embodied within the characters. BEFORE THE FALL poses ubiquitous questions about existence, while maintaining a fast-paced, fascinating, and ultimately life-affirming plot."—Woodbury Magazine

    "A captivating study of human nature."—New Orleans Advocate

    "[An] intelligent and majestically paced story... Hawley has provided his fans with the ultimate irony: a best-seller that is also a Marxist critique."—Dallas Morning News

    "A taut and expertly paced suspense novel. Hawley's fifth book delivers in so many ways: a cast of well-drawn characters, feints, red herrings and dogged investigators who eventually uncover the truth...this one keeps readers guessing until the final, tragic unveiling....in nerve-racking and poignant detail."—RealClearBooks, "This Summer's Best Thriller"

    "A thoughtful and compelling page-turner....Hawley's writing is taut and clear, his characters richly developed...Readers may be moved to stand up and cheer."—New York Journal of Books

    "Excellent premise and clever plotting."—Florida Times-Union

    "A literary suspense novel with both a brain and a heart, Before the Fall is a searing examination of the nature of truth. With masterful character development and a well-sculpted plot line, Hawley takes us on a thrill ride of a story while raising vital questions about the role and responsibility of the media today."—Powells, "1 of 10 books sent to President Elect Trump"

    "A big-brained why-, how-, and whodunit."—GQ

    "This fast-paced suspense novel by the creator of Fargo will keep you on the edge of your seat."—People

    "Brimming with three-dimensional characters, BEFORE THE FALL leads the reader down rabbit hole after rabbit hole in an electrifying mystery."—PasteMagazine.com, "Best Novels of 2016"

    "Noah Hawley's BEFORE THE FALL isn't a typical mystery. Perhaps that's why I couldn't put it down."—TheAtlantic.com

    "Mystery, conspiracy and a plane crash on a foggy night...juicy."—Parade Magazine

    "A read-in-one-beach-day kind of book...A true page-turner, BEFORE THE FALL will leave you guessing until the final moments of the crash, and the final pages of the book."—Bustle

    "The story's utterly engrossing plot that twists between past and present, ultimately heightening the mystery and suspense, is practically made for the big screen."—Domino Magazine

    "The best mystery I have read this year...extremely intense...a page turner...a carefully crafted character study...[that] delivers far more than a plot driven thriller. We get an insight into the workings of the minds of all the characters, and indeed, the workings of Noah Hawley's mind as well."—Cyberlibrarian

    "[A] soapy, scary, ripped-from-the-headlines story...The answers are ultimately satisfying and heartbreaking."—The Plain Dealer Online

    Coverage from NPR

    Product Details
    ISBN: 9781455561780
    ISBN-10: 1455561789
    Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
    Publication Date: May 31st, 2016
    Pages: 400
    Language: English
  • Finding Fontainebleau

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    Finding Fontainebleau: An American Boy in France Cover Image
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    Staff Reviews

    Those of you who read and loved The Piano Shop on the Left Bank will rejoice at Carhart's latest look at a bygone France. Those who are encountering Carhart for the first time are in for a delicious treat. No one, in my reading, describes and interprets the French, their culture, and their history with the same acute perception and nuance. In Finding Fontainebleau, Carhart combines a charming memoir of a large American family discovering France in the Fifties with a modern day revisiting of the chateau itself -- in many ways more interesting than its more famous and glamorous cousin, Versailles. So fasten your seatbelts and enjoy this first-class excursion with the best possible guide.

    — From Finding Fontainebleau


    Winner of the French Heritage Literary Award

    A beguiling memoir of a childhood in 1950s France from the much-admired New York Times bestselling author of The Piano Shop on the Left Bank

    "Like the castle, [Carhart's] memoir imaginatively and smoothly integrates multiple influences, styles and whims."The New York Times

    For a young American boy in the 1950s, Fontainebleau was a sight both strange and majestic, home to a continual series of adventures: a different language to learn, weekend visits to nearby Paris, family road trips to Spain and Italy. Then there was the château itself: a sprawling palace once the residence of kings, its grounds the perfect place to play hide-and-seek. The curiosities of the small town and the time with his family as expats left such an impression on him that thirty years later Carhart returned to France with his wife to raise their two children. Touring Fontainebleau again as an adult, he began to appreciate its influence on French style, taste, art, and architecture. Each trip to Fontainebleau introduces him to entirely new aspects of the château's history, enriching his memories and leading him to Patrick Ponsot, the head of the château’s restoration, who becomes Carhart’s guide to the hidden Fontainebleau.
              What emerges is an intimate chronicle of a time and place few have experienced. In warm, precise prose, Carhart reconstructs the wonders of his childhood as an American in postwar France, attending French schools with his brothers and sisters. His firsthand account brings to life nothing less than France in the 1950s, from the parks and museums of Paris to the rigors of French schooling to the vast château of Fontainebleau and its village, built, piece by piece, over many centuries. Finding Fontainebleau is for those captivated by the French way of life, for armchair travelers, and for anyone who has ever fallen in love with a place they want to visit over and over again.

    About the Author

    The son of an air force officer, Thad Carhart grew up in a variety of places, including Washington, D.C.; Fontainebleau, France; Minneapolis; Amherst, Massachusetts; and Tokyo. After graduating from Yale, he worked for the State Department as an interpreter. His first book, The Piano Shop on the Left Bank, appeared in 2000, published by Random House. Across the Endless River, a historical novel, came out in 2009 with Doubleday. He lives in Paris.

    Praise For…

    "While bringing alive this redolent Gallic chapter of his boyhood (baguettes from the boulangerie; inkwells and laborious handwriting exercises at school), Mr. Carhart also resurrects the mood and mores of a particular window in time: the 1950s of Ike and Elvis’s America, and postwar France. . . . Like the castle, his memoir imaginatively and smoothly integrates multiple influences, styles and whims."The New York Times

    “A lovely snapshot of daily life in a bygone France, as well as a tribute to the artistic and architectural glories of this centuries-old royal palace, a predecessor to Versailles.”Newsday

    "Perfect . . . [A] giant jigsaw puzzle of history, reminiscence and anthropological detail which paint a complicated but indelible picture.... Details, impressions, memories—and what the author does with them—are the heart and soul of this lovely book."—The Washington Times

    "A vivid picture of the rhythms and flavor of post-war France."—Northampton Daily Hampshire Gazette

    "Carhart turns his observant eye on small, sometimes odd-seeming details—the once-ubiquitous Turkish toilets in cafes, the uniquely French method of taking household inventory, French cars of the 1950s. These lovely digressions, along with Carhart’s own family’s story, illuminate French culture in an appealing way."—BookPage

    “American casualness and exuberance meet French formality and grandeur in this lively, perceptive memoir.”—Publishers Weekly

    “The author of The Piano Shop on the Left Bank (2001) returns with another celebration of France…Those lucky enough to have lived and attended school in Europe will love this book, and anyone heading to Paris will surely add Fontainebleau to his or her schedule.”—Kirkus Reviews

    “Part memoir, part history, part love letter to France—Thad Carhart’s adopted home—Finding Fontainebleau is a fun, intriguing meditation on time, place, and nationality. I don’t think I can pay it a greater compliment than to report that reading it sent me to Paris’s Gare de Lyon, there to board a train to Fontainebleau, which I saw with new eyes.”—Penelope Rowlands, author of Paris Was Ours
    “Charming and vivid and sweet, Finding Fontainebleau is full of the hopeful ambiance of Americans discovering France in the post-war era.”—Alice Kaplan, author of French Lessons and Dreaming in French

    “Anyone who grew up in an American baby boom split level will love reading about how the undaunted Carhart family moved from utterly predictable suburban Virginia to the utterly unpredictable environs of Fontainebleau. I learned, I laughed, I marveled, I yearned to transport myself to Fontainebleau.”—David Laskin, author of The Family:  A Journey into the Heart of the 20th Century

    Finding Fontainebleau is a family memoir, a chronicle of a remarkable palace, and a social history of the vanished world of post-war France. Most illuminating of all, perhaps, it is a guide to the customs and preoccupations of the French, past and present, whom Thad Carhart writes about with humor, insight, and obvious affection.”—Ross King, author of Brunelleschi’s Dome 
    “Beautifully written, Thad Carhart’s new book is a delight, happily meandering down memory lane through storybook ‘Phone-Ten-Blow.’ Simply marvelous!”—David Downie, author of Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light
    “Just as Julia Child’s writing about cooking and eating brought to life France in the 1940s, Thad Carhart uses France’s architecture to describe his own childhood in the 1950s. The Palace of Fontainebleau provides a flamboyant backdrop to his stories of adjusting to French schools, the French language and, naturally, French food. Anyone who has ever felt like a fish out of water will be diverted and informed by Finding Fontainebleau.”—John Baxter, author of The Most Beautiful Walk in the World
    “Thad Carhart’s new memoir has all the charm and the deftness with insider knowledge of his much-loved The Piano Shop On the Left Bank. It’s both hilarious and profound, as he gives us in turn his boy’s eye view of a new country and customs and his adult deep appreciation of France, French history and the particular place, Fontainebleau, of the title. A delight, at all its levels.  I’ve read it twice already… it’s a book to come back to again and again.”—Rosalind Brackenbury, author of Becoming George Sand

    “A delicious journey into a France we never knew and wish we did. Long before mass tourism and globalization France was simple, soulful, and every inch stimulating. Carhart knew it all and shares this with us with the deftness and insight of a master storyteller.”—Leonard Pitt, author of Walks Through Lost Paris and Paris a Journey Through Time
    Product Details
    ISBN: 9780525428800
    ISBN-10: 0525428801
    Publisher: Viking
    Publication Date: May 17th, 2016
    Pages: 304
    Language: English
  • American Girls

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    American Girls: A Novel Cover Image
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    Staff Reviews

    This is hands-down my favorite contemporary young adult book of the year. Set in a gritty Los Angeles, 15-year-old Anna finds herself stuck for the summer with her older sister (a working actress), trying to pay for a plane ticket home. Her world is bombarded by wannabes and has-beens; eventually she takes a job researching the Manson Girls for an indie film.

    The moment I finished, I wanted to flip to the front and start this all over again. Umminger’s novel is a rich character study of Anna, her new circle, and LA (a character in itself). A must-read for lazy summer evenings. *Three Starred Reviews* --Antonia

    — From American Girls


    A bittersweet, honest, and widely acclaimed YA coming-of-age novel that distills honest truths about American girldom

    Anna is a fifteen-year-old girl slouching toward adulthood, and she's had it with her life at home. So Anna "borrows" her stepmom's credit card and runs away to Los Angeles, where her half-sister takes her in. But LA isn't quite the glamorous escape Anna had imagined.

    As Anna spends her days on TV and movie sets, she engrosses herself in a project researching the murderous Manson girls—and although the violence in her own life isn't the kind that leaves physical scars, she begins to notice the parallels between herself and the lost girls of LA, and of America, past and present.

    In Anna's singular voice, we glimpse not only a picture of life on the B-list in LA, but also a clear-eyed reflection on being young, vulnerable, lost, and female in America—in short, on the B-list of life. Alison Umminger writes about girls, violence, and which people society deems worthy of caring about, which ones it doesn't, in a way not often seen in teen fiction.

    American Girls is:

    An ALA Booklist Top 10 First Novel
    A Kirkus Best Book of the Year
    A Barnes & Noble Best YA Book of the Year
    A Chicago Public Library Best of the Best of 2016
    A Bustle Best YA Book of the Year
    YALSA's Best Fiction for Young Adults

    "Messy, honest, and unflinchingly real. I can't get this book out of my head. I don't want to get this book out of my head." —Becky Albertalli, Morris Award-winning author of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

    About the Author

    ALISON UMMINGER grew up in Arlington, Virginia, and as an undergraduate was the fourth woman to be elected president of The Harvard Lampoon. Today, she is a professor of English at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia, where she lives with her family. American Girls is her first novel.

    Praise For…

    An ALA Booklist Top 10 First Novel for Youth
    A Kirkus Best Book of the Year
    A Barnes & Noble Best YA Book of the Year
    A Chicago Public Library Best of the Best
    A Bustle Best YA Book of the Year

    "Two new novels explore the story of the Manson murders by shoving the ringleader to the side and putting the girls (and girlhood itself) at the center of the narrative: The much-discussed The Girls by Emma Cline, and the less-analyzed, though no less worthy, American Girls by Alison Umminger. Cline and Umminger take a crime that seems impossible to understand, and show the girls behind it being fueled by feelings that are all too familiar." —The Atlantic

    "Messy, honest, and unflinchingly real. I can't get this book out of my head. I don't want to get this book out of my head." —Becky Albertalli, Morris Award-winning author of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

    "An extraordinary book, with empathy and heart to spare." —Jeff Zentner, Morris Award Honor-winning author of The Serpent King

    “Alison Umminger doesn't pull any punches in her debut: Funny, sad, often surprising, and just damned authentic. I know I won't be the only one who didn't want Anna's glittery-dark Hollywood summer to end.” —emily m. danforth, author of The Miseducation of Cameron Post

    “An incredible book and so, so important." —Kiese Laymon, author of How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America

    "A razor-sharp commentary on our culture, observed with keen wit from the perspective of one honest and complex American girl. An insightful, original take on the coming-of-age story." —Kirkus, starred review

    "Bittersweet and true, Anna's journey to self-discovery is one that should be widely read." —ALA Booklist, starred review

    "Reveals richly complicated relationships among mothers, daughters, and sisters." —Publishers Weekly, starred review

    Product Details
    ISBN: 9781250075000
    ISBN-10: 1250075009
    Publisher: Flatiron Books
    Publication Date: June 7th, 2016
    Pages: 304
    Language: English
  • She Poured Out Her Heart

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    She Poured Out Her Heart Cover Image
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    Staff Reviews

    Jane and Bonnie met in college and have been best friends forever in their disparate ways. Who we love, how we love and why we love are complicated and unexpected stories. Read this and be surprised and moved. -- Frayda

    — From She Poured Out Her Heart


    Tracing the complicated friendship of two very different women who meet in college, She Poured Out Her Heart is a novel of remarkable psychological suspense, crafted by National Book Award finalist Jean Thompson.
    The night that Jane and Bonnie meet on a college campus sets them on paths forever entwined. Bonnie, the wild and experimental one, always up for anything, has spent the past two decades bouncing between ill-fated relationships, while Jane’s seemingly perfect life, perfect husband, and perfect children have all but materialized out of a fantasy. But these appearances contradict the quiet, inescapable doubt Jane feels about her life. One night, in the middle of her own Christmas party, she steps outside into the snow, removes her clothing and shoes, and lies down in the backyard. When she is discovered, nothing is the same for anyone. As Jane begins to have visions and retreat into a private inner world, Bonnie finds herself drawn inevitably into an affair with Jane’s husband.
    Thompson’s mastery of complex emotion begets a novel of desire and the nature of love—who we love, how we’re loved, and, most important, that we reach urgently and always for a higher love, regardless of our circumstances. She Poured Out Her Heart is a finely wrought, haunting story of female friendship and deception, and the distance in between.

    About the Author

    Jean Thompson is the author of six novels, among them The Humanity Project and The Year We Left Home, and six story collections, including Who Do You Love (a National Book Award finalist) and, most recently, The Witch. She lives in Urbana, Illinois.

    Praise For…

    “Unexpected and gripping…written with Thompson’s typical verve and gusto…Thompson is wonderfully adept at evoking the self-deluding way men and women think about themselves and one another.”
    The New York Times Book Review

    “In her latest novel, She Poured Out Her Heart, Thompson is at her prescient, brilliant best. She has crafted a tale about a highly recognizable Now that also functions as a scarily plausible vision of Later—of what’s coming down the road for her characters, and perhaps for the culture, too. Only a few novelists can pull off this dual mission. Margaret Atwood comes to mind. Don DeLillo, too….a tense, artful, rich and involving novel that strips the world down to its bones and also makes you care deeply for the two women whose lives it lays bare.”
    —Julia Keller, The National Book Review

    “A nuanced study of marriage and friendship, fidelity and deceit, and our lonesome search for meaningful connection. She Poured Out Her Heart…explores the ambiguity of what might otherwise be considered a morally bankrupt situation. Thompson is less concerned with what's right or wrong, and more vested in exploring how hard it can be to say no, how vulnerable we are to our own weaknesses, the enduring value of friendship, and the ways in which our mistakes can also offer opportunities for personal growth and redemption.”
    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    “With piercing empathy and incandescent humor, Thompson considers the riddles of sexual passion and love, self and change, loyalty and forgiveness, forging an engrossing novel of crackling insights and ambushing drama.”

    Product Details
    ISBN: 9780399573811
    ISBN-10: 039957381X
    Publisher: Blue Rider Press
    Publication Date: May 31st, 2016
    Pages: 432
    Language: English
  • The Defense

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    The Defense: A Novel (Eddie Flynn #1) Cover Image
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    Other Books in Series

    This is book number 1 in the Eddie Flynn series.

    Staff Reviews

    Fast and furious! Con man-turned-lawyer outwits mobsters in and out of the courtroom. I dare you to quit reading after 20 pages. - Hut

    — From The Defense


    "If you're a fan of John Grisham, Scott Turow, and Brad Meltzer, then you will be a fan of Steve Cavanagh's The Defense." Nelson DeMille, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Radiant Angel

    Eddie Flynn used to be a con artist. Then he became a lawyer. Turns out the two aren't that different.

    Former con artist turned lawyer Eddie Flynn gave up the law a year ago after a disastrous case, and he vowed never to step foot in a courtroom again. But now he doesn't have a choice. The head of the Russian mob in New York City, on trial for murder, has kidnapped Eddie's ten-year-old daughter: Eddie has to take this case whether he likes it or not.

    Using his razor-sharp wit and every con, bluff, grift, and trick in the book, Eddie has only forty-eight hours to defend an impossible murder trial. And if he loses this case, he loses everything.

    About the Author

    Steve Cavanagh is an Irish author from Belfast and at the age eighteen he studied law by mistake. He is now the international award-winning author of the Eddie Flynn novels. His debut novel, The Defense, was nominated for the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for Thriller of the Year, and The Plea won the Prix Polar Award for Best International Novel. Steve is still a practicing lawyer (someday he’ll get the hang of it) and co-host ofthe chart-topping podcast Two Crime Writers And A Microphone. He has been involved in several high-profile civil rights cases, his Eddie Flynn novels have been published in over twenty countries, he’s married with two young children, and in his spare time he is mostly asleep.

    Praise For…

    “Cavanagh’s stellar debut provides everything a reader could ask for in a thriller—nail-biting suspense, a Russian nesting doll of a plot, and an original and compelling lead.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

    If you're a fan of John Grisham, Scott Turow, and Brad Meltzer, then you will be a fan of Steve Cavanagh's The Defense. Cavanagh's debut novel introduces a wonderfully flawed hero, Eddie Flynn, one-time con man, now turned lawyer, who will hold you spellbound. This is a hell of a genre-bending book. I hope Cavanagh's working on the sequel.” —Nelson DeMille, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Radiant Angel

    “This is a super, break-neck book.”
    —Charlaine Harris, #1 New York Times bestselling author

    Steve Cavanagh's The Defense puts the 'thrill' back in 'legal thriller.' Non-stop action, unexpected and totally cool plot twists, a sympathetic genius of a con-man/attorney, and a clock that never ever ever stops ticking -- this isn't narrative drive, it's rocket-like narrative propulsion! Hop aboard and enjoy the ride!” —John Lescroart, New York Times bestselling author of The Fall and the Dismas Hardy series

    “A fresh approach…A rush of double-crosses...and some savvy lawyering. Cavanagh keeps things hopping and writes a fine action scene.”
    The Dallas Morning News

    “Reads a lot like a courtroom drama that Lee Child might write about Jack Reacher's younger, hotter-headed brother.”Irish Times

    “Part classic courtroom drama in the John Grisham tradition and part Bruce Willis-like action hero fiction straight out of the Die Hard franchise, this is a rip-roaring action-packed and highly entertaining debut.” —Irish Independent

    The Defense is the best kind of legal thriller, proving that the real drama takes place outside of the courtroom, in the head and the heart. I started reading to see what would happen next, but couldn't put the book down because I needed to learn more about con man turned lawyer Eddie Flynn, the smartest man in the courthouse. I was hooked until the last satisfying page.” —Alafair Burke, New York Times bestselling author of The Ex

    Product Details
    ISBN: 9781250082251
    ISBN-10: 1250082250
    Publisher: Flatiron Books
    Publication Date: May 3rd, 2016
    Pages: 320
    Language: English
    Series: Eddie Flynn
  • Miller's Valley

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    Miller's Valley: A Novel Cover Image
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    Staff Reviews

    A quiet, lovely family drama set in a small town facing a life-changing government edict. Readers will root for  Mimi Miller, who comes of age in the 1960s with perceptiveness and grace. -- Hut
    — From Miller's Valley


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • In a small town on the verge of big change, a young woman unearths deep secrets about her family and unexpected truths about herself. Filled with insights that are the hallmark of Anna Quindlen’s bestsellers, Miller’s Valley is an emotionally powerful story about a family you will never forget.

    For generations the Millers have lived in Miller’s Valley. Mimi Miller tells about her life with intimacy and honesty. As Mimi eavesdrops on her parents and quietly observes the people around her, she discovers more and more about the toxicity of family secrets, the dangers of gossip, the flaws of marriage, the inequalities of friendship and the risks of passion, loyalty, and love. Home, as Mimi begins to realize, can be “a place where it’s just as easy to feel lost as it is to feel content.”

    Miller’s Valley is a masterly study of family, memory, loss, and, ultimately, discovery, of finding true identity and a new vision of home. As Mimi says, “No one ever leaves the town where they grew up, even if they go.” Miller’s Valley reminds us that the place where you grew up can disappear, and the people in it too, but all will live on in your heart forever.

    Praise for Miller's Valley

    “Overwhelmingly moving . . . In this novel, where so much is about what vanishes, there is also a deep beating heart, of what also stays.”The New York Times Book Review 

    “Stunning . . . The matriarchal theme [is] at the heart of Miller’s Valley. Miriam pushes her smart daughter to consider college, and other women—a teacher, a doctor, a benefactor—will raise Mimi up past the raging waters that swirl in her heart.”The Washington Post 

    “Economical and yet elegant . . . [Anna Quindlen’s] storytelling and descriptive powers make Miller’s Valley compelling. . . . Miller’s Valley has a geography and fate all its own but its residents, realities, disappointments, joys and cycle of life feel familiar, in the best way possible.”Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    “A family story with humor, surprise, sorrow and mystery . . . Quindlen has created distinctive characters, none of whom seems like anyone you’ve met before in fiction.”—The Columbus Dispatch

    “A breathtakingly moving look at a family.”—USA Today

    “[Anna] Quindlen’s provocative novel will have you flipping through the pages of your own family history and memories even as you can’t stop reading about the Millers. . . . a coming-of-age story that reminds us that the past continues to wash over us even as we move away from the places and events that formed us.”Chicago Tribune

    “Picking up a novel by Anna Quindlen means more than just meeting a new family—it’s like moving in and pretending they are yours. It’s a rare gift for a writer, and Quindlen does it to near perfection.”St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    “Quindlen’s novel of a childhood examined by someone who literally can’t go home again is an incredibly engaging read. . . . Miller’s Valley takes familiar themes and manages to make them fresh and new.”—Bust

    About the Author

    Anna Quindlen is a novelist and journalist whose work has appeared on fiction, nonfiction, and self-help bestseller lists. She is the author of eight novels: Object Lessons, One True Thing, Black and Blue, Blessings, Rise and Shine, Every Last One, Still Life with Bread Crumbs, and Miller’s Valley. Her memoir Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake, published in 2012, was a number one New York Times bestseller. Her book A Short Guide to a Happy Life has sold more than a million copies. While a columnist at The New York Times she won the Pulitzer Prize and published two collections, Living Out Loud and Thinking Out Loud. Her Newsweek columns were collected in Loud and Clear.

    Praise For…

    “Overwhelmingly moving . . . In this novel, where so much is about what vanishes, there is also a deep beating heart, of what also stays.”The New York Times Book Review 

    “Stunning . . . The matriarchal theme [is] at the heart of Miller’s Valley. Miriam pushes her smart daughter to consider college, and other women—a teacher, a doctor, a benefactor—will raise Mimi up past the raging waters that swirl in her heart.”The Washington Post 

    “Economical and yet elegant . . . [Anna Quindlen’s] storytelling and descriptive powers make Miller’s Valley compelling. . . . Miller’s Valley has a geography and fate all its own but its residents, realities, disappointments, joys and cycle of life feel familiar, in the best way possible.”Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    “A family story with humor, surprise, sorrow and mystery . . . Quindlen has created distinctive characters, none of whom seems like anyone you’ve met before in fiction.”—The Columbus Dispatch

    “A breathtakingly moving look at a family.”—USA Today

    “[Anna] Quindlen’s provocative novel will have you flipping through the pages of your own family history and memories even as you can’t stop reading about the Millers. . . . a coming-of-age story that reminds us that the past continues to wash over us even as we move away from the places and events that formed us.”Chicago Tribune

    “Picking up a novel by Anna Quindlen means more than just meeting a new family—it’s like moving in and pretending they are yours. It’s a rare gift for a writer, and Quindlen does it to near perfection.”St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    “Quindlen’s novel of a childhood examined by someone who literally can’t go home again is an incredibly engaging read. . . . Miller’s Valley takes familiar themes and manages to make them fresh and new.”—Bust
    Praise for the bestselling fiction of
     Anna Quindlen

    “Anna Quindlen knows that all the things we will ever be can be found in some forgotten fragment of family.”The Washington Post, about Object Lessons

    “There comes a moment in every novelist’s career when she . . . ventures into new territory, breaking free into a marriage of tone and style, of plot and characterization, that’s utterly her own. Anna Quindlen’s marvelous romantic comedy of manners is just such a book. . . . Quindlen has delivered a novel that will have staying power all its own.”The New York Times Book Review, about Still Life with Bread Crumbs
    “Anna Quindlen writes about family with all the humanity, wit, and pain of going home.”—Wendy Wasserstein, about One True Thing
    “Anna Quindlen is America’s resident Sane Person. She has what Joyce called the common touch, the ability to speak to many people about what’s on their minds before they have the vaguest idea what’s on their minds.”The New York Times, about Blessings
    “Quindlen knows words, and she knows women.”More, about Rise and Shine
    “Quindlen’s writing . . . wraps the reader in the warmth and familiarity of domestic life.”The Seattle Times, about Every Last One
    Product Details
    ISBN: 9780812996081
    ISBN-10: 0812996089
    Publisher: Random House
    Publication Date: April 5th, 2016
    Pages: 272
    Language: English
  • Everybody's Fool

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    Everybody's Fool: A novel Cover Image
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    Staff Reviews

    Richard Russo assembles his usual cast of lovable losers, all living in a run-down upstate New York town. Their foibles are often hysterical, but the community they (unwittingly) create is memorable and heartwarming. -- Hut
    — From Everybody's Fool

    May 2016 Indie Next List

    “While any new book from Richard Russo is a cause for celebration, to have one that revisits the characters from a beloved classic feels like a gift from the literary gods. Everybody's Fool returns to North Bath, New York, the setting for Russo's breakout novel from 1993, Nobody's Fool. No one writes better about the quirks, petty jealousies, hard times, humor, and heartbreak of small-town America. Everybody's Fool is good, old-fashioned storytelling at its finest!”
    — Shawn Donley (E), Powell's Books, Inc, Portland, OR


    A New York Times 2016 Notable Book

    An immediate national best seller and instant classic from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Empire Falls. Richard Russo returns to North Bath—“a town where dishonesty abounds, everyone misapprehends everyone else and half the citizens are half-crazy” (The New York Times)—and the characters who made Nobody’s Fool a beloved choice of book clubs everywhere. Everybody’s Fool is classic Russo, filled with humor, heart, hard times, and people you can’t help but love, possibly because their various faults make them so human.

    Everybody’s Fool picks up roughly a decade since we were last with Miss Beryl and Sully on New Year's Eve 1984. The irresistible Sully, who in the intervening years has come by some unexpected good fortune, is staring down a VA cardiologist’s estimate that he has only a year or two left, and it’s hard work trying to keep this news from the most important people in his life: Ruth, the married woman he carried on with for years . . . the ultra-hapless Rub Squeers, who worries that he and Sully aren’t still best friends . . . Sully’s son and grandson, for whom he was mostly an absentee figure (and now a regretful one). We also enjoy the company of Doug Raymer, the chief of police who’s obsessing primarily over the identity of the man his wife might’ve been about to run off with, before dying in a freak accident . . . Bath’s mayor, the former academic Gus Moynihan, whose wife problems are, if anything, even more pressing . . . and then there’s Carl Roebuck, whose lifelong run of failing upward might now come to ruin. And finally, there’s Charice Bond—a light at the end of the tunnel that is Chief Raymer’s office—as well as her brother, Jerome, who might well be the train barreling into the station.

    A crowning achievement—“like hopping on the last empty barstool surrounded by old friends” (Entertainment Weekly)—from one of the greatest storytellers of our time.

    About the Author

    RICHARD RUSSO is the author of seven previous novels; two collections of stories; and Elsewhere, a memoir. In 2002 he received the Pulitzer Prize for Empire Falls, which like Nobody’s Fool was adapted to film, in a multiple-award-winning HBO miniseries.

    Praise For…

    “Cause for celebration . . . writing that reflects [Russo’s] deep affection for the quotidian and for the best and worst that’s found in every human heart.” —Sally Bissell, Library Journal

    “Buoyantly unsentimental . . . You hold his books to your heart.” —Jan Stuart, The Boston Globe

    “Elegiac but never sentimental. . . . Russo’s compassionate heart is open to the sorrows, and yes, the foolishness of this lonely world, but also the humor, friendship and love that abide.” —Paul Wilner, San Francisco Chronicle

    “[A] sweeping comic novel . . . Whether you loved Nobody’s Fool or never heard of it, reasons about to read its sequel.” —Betty J. Cotter, The Providence Journal

    “Hard-bitten, hard-drinking, hardscrabble comedy [whose] timing is impeccable: Russo understands more about the ‘plight of the working class’ than any so-called pundit attempting to decipher this election.” —Yvonne Zipp, The Christian Science Monitor

    “Russo [renders] with uncommon grace the dashed expectations and wistful regrets of his working-class hero, Sully.” —O Magazine

    “Rollicking and heartfelt.” —Jeff Baker, The Seattle Times

    “For fans who’ve missed Sully and the gang, Everybody’s Fool is like hopping on the last empty barstool surrounded by old friends.” —Jeff Labreque, Entertainment Weekly

    “A writer of great comedy and warmth, Russo’s living proof that a book can be profound and wise without aiming straight into darkness. [His] voice can play in any register, any key, any style [in this] portrait of an entire community, in all its romance and all its grit.” —Eliot Schrefer, USA Today

    “Russo brings wit and warmth to this slapstick tale . . . Once again his characters are marvelous creatures, endearing in spite of themselves.” —People

     “A delightful return . . . to a town where dishonesty abounds, everyone misapprehends everyone else and half the citizens are half-crazy. It’s a great place for a reader to visit, and it seems to be Russo’s spiritual home.” —Janet Maslin, The New York Times

    “How could twenty-three years have slipped by since Nobody’s Fool? . . . Russo is probably the best writer of physical comedy that we have [but] even the zaniest elements of the story are interspersed with episodes of wincing cruelty. . . . The abiding wonder [is that] Russo’s novel bears down on two calamitous days and exploits the action in every single minute . . . mudslides, grave robbery, collapsing buildings, poisonous snakes, drug deals, arson, lightning strikes and toxic goo. North Bath is a sleepy little town that never sleeps [and] no tangent ever feels tangential.” —Ron Charles, The Washington Post

    “Everybody should read Everybody’s Fool. Almost nobody in Richard Russo’s novel is sure of anything, but I’m sure of that. . . . [He] has given readers all they should want.” —Brian O’Neill, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    “The Fool books represent an enormous achievement, creating a world as richly detailed as the one we step into each day of our lives. . . . Sully in particular emerges as one of the most credible and engaging heroes in recent American fiction. . . . Bath is real, Sully is real, and so is Hattie’s and the White Horse Tavern and Miss Peoples’s house on Main, and I can only hope we haven’t seen the last of them. I’d love to see what Sully’s going to be up to at 80.” —T. Coraghessan Boyle, The New York Times Book Review

    “I was holding my breath for fear Everybody's Fool wouldn’t live up to its predecessor, but I shouldn't have worried. As good as Russo was in 1993, he’s even better now. And Everybody’s Fool is a delight [with] enough bizarre events, startling revelations, unlikely heroes and touching moments to supply a dozen small towns . . . He is also a master of plotting, from cliffhangers to twists that deftly link apparently unrelated threads. This book’s tone is largely comic, but Russo writes with uncommon insight about love, families and friendship.” —Collette Bancroft, Tampa Bay Times

    “A madcap romp, weaving mystery, suspense and comedy in a race to the final pages.” —Jennifer Maloney, The Wall Street Journal

    “Triumphant. . . Russo's reunion with these beloved characters is genius: silly slapstick and sardonic humor play out in a rambling, rambunctious story that poignantly emphasizes that particular brand of loyalty and acceptance that is synonymous with small-town living.” —Carol Haggas, Booklist (starred)

    “Russo hits his trademark trifecta: satisfying, hilarious, and painlessly profound.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred)

    Coverage from NPR

    Product Details
    ISBN: 9780307270641
    ISBN-10: 0307270645
    Publisher: Knopf
    Publication Date: May 3rd, 2016
    Pages: 496
    Language: English
  • If I Was Your Girl

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    If I Was Your Girl Cover Image

    Staff Reviews

    This is such an important, timely narrative, well-written and a joy to read. Amanda Hardy is the new girl in school. She’s funny, smart, and a huge Star Wars nerd. She also happens to be transgender -- a horrific incident at her last school has been the catalyst for transferring schools. Now, Amanda worries about opening up to her new friends, with good reason. A story of love, acceptance, and full of hope, this book made me cry in the best possible way! -- Antonia

    — From If I Was Your Girl


    The award-winning, big-hearted novel about being seen for who you really are, and a love story you can't help but root for

    Amanda Hardy is the new girl in school. Like anyone else, all she wants is to make friends and fit in. But Amanda is keeping a secret, and she’s determined not to get too close to anyone.

    But when she meets sweet, easygoing Grant, Amanda can’t help but start to let him into her life. As they spend more time together, she realizes just how much she is losing by guarding her heart. She finds herself yearning to share with Grant everything about herself, including her past. But Amanda’s terrified that once she tells him the truth, he won't be able to see past it.

    Because the secret that Amanda’s been keeping? It's that at her old school, she used to be Andrew. Will the truth cost Amanda her new life, and her new love?

    Stonewall Book Award Winner
    Walter Dean Myers Honor Book for Outstanding Children's Literature
    iBooks YA Novel of the Year
    A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year
    A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year
    An Amazon Best Book of the Year
    A Goodreads Choice Award Finalist
    A Zoella Book Club Selection
    A Barnes & Noble Best YA Book of the Year
    A Bustle Best YA Book of the Year
    IndieNext Top 10
    One of Flavorwire’s 50 Books Every Modern Teenager Should Read

    About the Author

    MEREDITH RUSSO was born, raised, and lives in Tennessee. She started living as her true self in late 2013 and never looked back. If I Was Your Girl was partially inspired by her experiences as a trans woman. Like Amanda, Meredith is a gigantic nerd who spends a lot of her time obsessing over video games and Star Wars.

    Praise For…

    Stonewall Book Award Winner
    Walter Dean Myers Honor Book for Outstanding Children's Literature
    A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year
    A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year
    A Zoella Book Club Selection
    A Goodreads Choice Award Finalist
    A Bustle Best YA Book of the Year
    IndieNext Top 10 List
    One of Flavorwire's 50 Books Every Modern Teenager Should Read

    "This new novel for teens breaks new ground...powerful." —O Magazine

    "A beautifully rendered YA novel . . . the first written by a transgender woman about the transgender teen experience." —San Francisco Chronicle

    "A vivid, compassionate portrait of a teen finding her place." —The Washington Post

    "An illuminating debut guided by hope and overwhelming kindness.”Publishers Weekly, starred review

    A necessary, universal story about feeling different and enduring prejudices…full of love, hope, and truth.” —Kirkus, starred review

    "This is everything a coming-of-age novel should be—honest, complicated, and meaningful. Transcends the typical 'issue' novel to be a beautiful tale in its own right." —School Library Journal, SLJ Popular Pick

    "Amanda's story is neither overly sentimental nor didactic. A thoughtful, truthful, and much needed coming-of-age tale." —Horn Book Review

    "Russo, a trans woman, writes with authority and empathy, giving readers not only an intellectual but also an emotional understanding of Amanda and her compelling story. Never didactic, this debut is a valuable contribution to the slender but growing body of literature of trans teens." —ALA Booklist

    “Beautiful, smart, and so urgently needed, If I Was Your Girl should be required reading for every teen—scratch that, every person—in America. This book is exactly what YA is for: to break ground, to break hearts, to teach us empathy, to find the universal in the specific. I loved every word. You will too.” Julie Buxbaum, New York Times bestselling author of Tell Me Three Things

    "Poignant and rare. If I Was Your Girl is the type of book you read and want to immediately share, because it's too important to keep to yourself." —Julie Murphy, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Dumplin'

    "If I Was Your Girl is important and necessary and brave, and deeply, electrically inspiring. Read this wonderful book. Just read it." —Jennifer Niven, New York Times bestselling author of All the Bright Places

    If I Was Your Girl will change minds and open hearts.” —Nina Lacour, critically acclaimed author of Everything Leads to You

    "If I Was Your Girl is real and raw and layered and wonderful." —Alex Gino, Stonewall Award-winning author of George

    "If there's any justice in the world, we're all witnessing a YA powerhouse in the making." —Forever YA

    "Pure magic." Book Riot

    Product Details
    ISBN: 9781250078407
    ISBN-10: 1250078407
    Publisher: Flatiron Books
    Publication Date: May 3rd, 2016
    Pages: 288
    Language: English