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The historic 1910 London domestic murder case is re-examined using new DNA evidence in this true crime study.

It was an 'open and shut' case. Hawley Harvey Crippen, an American quack doctor, had murdered his wife, the music hall performer Belle Elmore, and buried parts of her body in the coal cellar of their North London home. But by the time the remains were discovered he had fled the country with his mistress disguised as his son. After a thrilling chase across the ocean he was caught, returned to England, tried and hanged, remembered forever after as the quintessential domestic murderer.

But if it was as straightforward as the prosecution alleged, why did he leave only some of the body in his house, when he had successfully disposed of the head, limbs and bones elsewhere? Why did he stick so doggedly to a plea of complete innocence, when he might have made a sympathetic case for manslaughter? Why did he make no effort to cover his tracks if he really had been planning a murder? These and other questions remained tantalising mysteries for almost a century, until new DNA tests conducted in America exploded everything we thought we knew for sure about the story. This book, the first to make full use of this astonishing new evidence, considers its implications for our understanding of the case, and suggests where the real truth might lie.

Praise for***Mr Crippen, Cora and the Body in the Basement*

“This is a well-researched book on a 1910 murder case in London that is accumulating increasing interest comparable, in some ways, to Jack the Ripper.” —Alan Moss, The History of the Yard**

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ISBN-13: 9781399009737
Publisher: Pen & Sword True Crime
Publication Date: October 31st, 2021