Wish Lists

Create a wish list on our website so people can buy you the books you'd really like for your classroom, school library, baby shower, birthday or wedding. Wish Lists are easy to make and to share. Best of all, your contacts will know what books you would like and can purchase them directly from Mrs. Dalloway's. 

To Create a Wish List 

  • Login or Create a Mrs. Dalloway's account.
  • Find a book by searching the online store or clicking on a cover image from one of our book lists.
  • Click the "Add to Wish List" button.
  • After adding your first book, you'll be asked to name your list (e.g.. Ms. Rowling's Kindergarten, Anne Reader's Birthday, etc.) and to set the date for it to expire.
  • Please check the box for "Don't Require Shipping", if you or someone else will be picking up the books at the store,
  • Save your settings. 
  • Continue adding books to your wish list.
  • To share your wish list, click on "Email Your Wishlist".  Change the subject line and outgoing message to whatever you like and enter recipients' emails. A link to your wish list will be appended to the bottom of your message. Only people who have been sent the link or know your email will be able to view your list.
  • To send, click the "Email Wish List" button again.
  • To manage, modify or view your list, go to "My Account" and click on "Wish List" in the header.
  • When a book is purchased online, your wish list will be automatically updated to avoid duplication.

To Access a Wish List, Click here.

**Wish list books can also be purchased in store at Mrs. Dalloway's. Please ask a bookseller to update the specific wish list to avoid duplication.