Holiday Recommendations for Young Readers 2023: Early Chapter Books

The Apartment House on Poppy Hill: Book One, written and illustrated by Nina LaCour, ages 7-10. Nine-year-old Ella considers herself the official greeter, tour guide, and is generally in charge of 1106 Wildflower Place, but the elusive Robinsons who live on the top floor are a mystery--one which Ella is determined to solve, and bring the elderly couple into the community of the apartment building on Poppy Hill. “Cozy and comforting… readers will want to move in here.” – Kirkus Reviews


The Story of Gumluck the Wizard: Book One, written and illustrated by Adam Rex, ages 8-10. This is a story about magic, if you like that kind of thing. It is also a story about a ghost with amnesia, an unpopular fairy, an ungrateful little town, and an extremely wise and helpful raven (who happens to be a pretty talented storyteller). But mostly, it is about a friendly little wizard who lives inside a big hill and really, really, really wants to be a hero. His name is Gumluck, and he is a bumbling noodlehead. “A tale that will charm the pants off readers.” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review. Four starred reviews!