Holiday Recommendations for Young Readers 2023: Activity Books

Grand Old Oak and the Birthday Ball (Brown Bear Wood), written by Rachel Piercey and illustrated by Freya Hartas, ages 4-6. The follow-up to If You Go Down to the Woods Today, Grand Old Oak and the Birthday Ball is a charming picture book that invites readers to join Bear and his friends through the seasons as they prepare a party filled with love, homemade delights, and woodland magic. With original poems by acclaimed writer Rachel Piercey and fun color art by Freya Hartas, this delightful tale features more than 100 hidden objects to spot and makes a great present for children to immerse themselves in and explore.

Illuminoceans: Dive Deep Into the Ocean with Your Magic Three-Colour Lens, written by Barbara Taylor and illustrated by Carnovsky, ages 5-10. The ocean is a big, mysterious place. With the magic three-color lens included in Illuminoceans, shed some light on the darkest depths of our watery world, and encounter the creatures, seascapes, and surprising underwater features of all of Earth's oceans.

Illustoria Magazine, edited by Elizabeth Haidle, ages 4-12. In our invention issue, we look at gadgets and gizmos and the inventive thinking behind them. Inside we highlight clever creatures with survival strategies, the inner workings of a Risograph machine, and an unsuspecting teenager doing chemistry homework who accidentally altered fashion history! In the project section: Invent a font. Design a new hairdo. Draw a robot. Young writers imagine what it would be like to grow up in a family of inventors.