Foundational Substance Abuse Recovery: Deconstructing Trauma(TM) Interactive Workbook Curriculum (Paperback)

Foundational Substance Abuse Recovery: Deconstructing Trauma(TM) Interactive Workbook Curriculum By Renee Frye Cover Image
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This Deconstructing Trauma(TM) Interactive Workbook Curriculum, paired with our Deconstructing Trauma(TM) guidebook, offers new perspectives and tools that reprogram negative, chaotic patterns that have occurred from trauma in our lives. We have all been through some form of trauma-generational, historical, vicarious, secondary, and lived traumatic experiences-that affects our daily lives until we are able to resolve and process them. Understanding the foundations of trauma allows us to understand our uncomfortable past and the negative, repeated cycles that continue in our daily lives because of that trauma. This process is not always fun or pretty to look at, but it is necessary to find true peace, joy, happiness, and balance in our lives.

When we find safety within, we are able to stop projecting our pain and trauma onto others. We begin to understand that we are capable and loved and are able to create safety for ourselves. We can take accountability for our actions and be in charge of our own lives without having to dictate or judge how others run their lives. We learn to remove ourselves from damaging negative situations and relationships, as it is our responsibility to mitigate, or lessen, the negativity that we place ourselves around.

We are challenged on this earth to learn to trust ourselves and our journey. Once we learn those things in a good way, we begin to find safety within. This journey will look different for all of us. All roads lead home, though. Anyone who is struggling, in any way, has a compromised self-belief system. We all share the pain of feeling like we are not enough. We are here to learn that we are more than enough.

Explore our Deconstructing Trauma Program; discover how to love yourself fully and completely. Thousands have benefited from this format. Step into a healthier, happier life. We all need healthy life-support skills. There is hope; we are not alone.

There is strength inside of you yet to be discovered ...

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ISBN: 9798989654833
Publisher: Transcendent Publishing
Publication Date: January 1st, 2024
Pages: 48
Language: English