Dear Parents: Notes From a Child of Divorce (Paperback)

Dear Parents: Notes From a Child of Divorce By Grace Casper Cover Image
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"Divorcing parents are balancing a lot and often forget how to effectively support their kids - possibly because we forget what it's like to be kids Grace gives adults the rare opportunity to truly understand and have empathy for what kids of divorce are experiencing. If taken to heart, this will change the game for a lot of kids." - Sara Olsher, founder of Mighty & Bright Co, author of the What About Me? series, Co-Parent

When is the last time you read a parenting book - specifically about divorce - written from the perspective of the child? While there are plenty of resources for divorced couples, very few of them are written by a child of divorce.

When she was eight years old, Grace Casper's world changed forever when her parents told her that they were getting a divorce. In the wake of this, Grace started writings tips for her younger brother based on what she was learning from her parents' divorce, trying to help him as they went from house to house. Fourteen years later, Grace began the first draft of the book that would be borne from these tips, writing in the hopes of being able to provide parents with a look into the effects of divorce on their children with first-hand experience.

If you are wanting to learn how divorce affects your children, then this is the book for you. In Dear Parents: Notes From a Child of Divorce, Grace offers practical wisdom, honest encouragement, and opportunities for further dialogue and reflection. Humble in her approach yet sharp and clear with the lived realities of divorce, Grace provides unique and measured insight that only experience and discerning reflection can yield. Whether you are looking for tips on scheduling, dating, favoritism, or even buying a dog, Dear Parents gives attention to these and many other topics. Divorce can be a scary, tragic event - but Dear Parents is one way in which Grace hopes to show that it is not the end but, in many ways, a new beginning full of hope.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798988359517
Publisher: Divorce Tips from Kids
Publication Date: June 20th, 2023
Pages: 128
Language: English