Liberties Journal of Culture and Politics: Volume 4, Issue 2 (Paperback)

Liberties Journal of Culture and Politics: Volume 4, Issue 2 By Carissa Veliz, Adam Kirsch, Reuel Marc Gerecht Cover Image
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Liberties, a Journal of Culture and Politics, is essential reading for those engaged in the cultural and political issues of our time.
In this edition of Liberties: Carissa Veliz -- The Technology of Bullshit; Adam Kirsch -- LiteratureGPT; Ryan Ruby -- Reading and Time; Michael Walzer -- Notes on A Dangerous Mistake; Reuel Marc Gerecht -- Saudi Arabia: The Chimera of a Grand Alliance; David A. Bell -- The Anti-Liberal; Emily Ogden -- Dam Nation; Stephen Darwall -- Money, Justice, and Effective Altruism; Kian Tajbakhsh -- The Problem with Anti-Colonialism: Recovering Albert Memmi; Wendy Gan -- Antigone in Hong Kong; Jennie Lightweis-Goff -- Concept Creep: A Progressive's Lament; John Summers -- In The Counterlife of Autism; Helen Vendler -- Can Poetry Be Abstract?; Celeste Marcus -- After Rape: A Guide for the Torment; Leon Wieseltier -- On Savagery and Solidarity; and, poetry by A.E. Stallings and Ange Mlinko. Published quarterly, Liberties, is a collection of the most significant writers today as well as launching the voices of tomorrow.
Liberties features serious, independent, stylish, and controversial essays by significant writers and introduces the next generation of writers and poets to inspire and impact the intellectual and creative lifeblood of today's culture and politics. Nobel Prize winners, leading scholars, well-known fiction and non-fiction writers, rising talents, and poets from around the world are part Liberties journal.
There's a reason why engaged citizens, cultural warriors, political leaders, opinion makers, and activists from across the cultural and political spectrum read and cherish Liberties.

About the Author

Carissa Veliz is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and the Institute for Ethics in AI, as well as a Tutorial Fellow at Hertford College, at the University of Oxford. She is the author of Privacy is Power: Why and How You Should Take Back Control of Your Data.Ryan Ruby is a writer living in Berlin. He is the author of The Zero and The One, a novel.Michael Walzer is professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and the author most recently of The Struggle for a Decent Politics: On "Liberal" as an Adjective.Reuel Marc Gerecht, a former Iranian-targets officer in the Central Intelligence Agency, is a resident scholar at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.A. E. Stallings is an American poet and translator living in Athens.David A. Bell is the Sidney and Ruth Lapidus Professor in the Era of North Atlantic Revolutions and Director of the Shelby Cullom Davis Center at Princeton University. He is the author most recently of Men on Horseback: The Power of Charisma in The Age of Revolution.Adam Kirsch is an American poet and literary critic and the author, among other books, of The Revolt Against Humanity: Imagining a Future Without Us.Emily Ogden is a professor of English at the University of Virginia and the author of On Not Knowing: How To Love and Other Essays.Stephen Darwall is a professor of philosophy at Yale University. His most recent book is Modern Moral Philosophy: From Grotius to Kant.Kian Tajbakhsh is an Iranian-American scholar, social scientist, and urban planner.Ange Mlinko teaches English and Creative Writing at the University of Florida. Her most recent collection of poems is Venice.Wendy Gan is a fellow at Radcliffe-Harvard Yenching Institue and a professor in the School of English at the University of Hong Kong.Jennie Lightweis-Goff is a professor of English at the University of Mississippi and is the author of Captive Cities: Urban Slavery in Four Movements.John Summers is a writer, historian, and the editor of Lingua Franca Media. Inc.Helen Vendler is the A Kingsley Porter University Professor Emerita at Harvard University.Celeste Marcus is the managing editor of Liberties. Leon Wieseltier is the editor of Liberties.
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ISBN: 9798985430233
Publisher: Liberties Journal
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2024
Pages: 330
Language: English