Trillion Dollar Tourism via USA High Speed Rail (Paperback)

Trillion Dollar Tourism via USA High Speed Rail By William (Bill) C. McElroy Cover Image
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Tourism the Number One Industry
The number one industry in the US is tourism when you count the dollars earned by the restaurants, hotel and motels, airlines, road systems, attractions, and park systems.

Other Nations
In Japan, China, Europe, and other nations the governments and companies have come to the conclusion that moving large amounts of people, citizens as well as tourist, is a good method of increasing tourism as time is valuable, and saving an hour or two on a tour or trip can mean more time, and money, spent at a resort, attraction, etc.

High Speed Rail and Tourism
This short booklet promotes High-Speed Rail and the pros and cons of developing it for our US citizens, and for our visiting tourists that are familiar with rail travel and may prefer it to trying to learn our roads and driving habits.

Portugal and Italy
Italy has a vast network of high speed rail that allows a traveler to move from destination to destination in comfort at from 135 to nearly 350 MPH.

The author in 2022 toured Portugal over a 21 day period and added thousands of Euros (USD) to their economy. He and his companion traveled in comfort, relaxed, and safe via Portugal's up and coming high speed rail system. From the northern to the southern tips of Portugal; from the Atlantic to the Spanish border, the trains provided low cost, convenient, and on-time service.

The Future of HSR
We in the USA need to start competing with the Chinese, French, and the Germans as HSR is being adapted and is needed for transportation world wide, as well as in the US if we want to keep our tourist trade alive.

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Pages: 76
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