The Native American Herbalist's Bible: 3-in-1 All-Encompassing Apothecary Guide: All You Will Need, From the Field Handbook to Find and Harvest Your O (Paperback)

The Native American Herbalist's Bible: 3-in-1 All-Encompassing Apothecary Guide: All You Will Need, From the Field Handbook to Find and Harvest Your O By Natalie Sacajawea Hathale Cover Image
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Would you like to cure yourself and your loved ones with natural herbal remedies instead of traditional medicine for fear of adverse effects due to chemicals contained in drugs?

Are you passionate about the history and spirituality of Native Americans and would like to know all about the natural remedies used by them to treat any health problem?

If so, then keep on reading...

For thousands of years, Native Americans used indigenous herbs to heal body, mind, and spirit. The results of this ancient knowledge were clear to the first Europeans who wrote about these ancient populations, detailing their incredible strength, endurance, vitality, and longevity.

The knowledge of herbs by Native Americans has mixed with beliefs of supposed magical properties, but what is certain is that their ancient tradition can still be used for therapeutic purposes with great effectiveness.
The incredible heritage of herbal craftsmanship and the unmatched knowledge of Native American Tribes really can be a valid alternative to most of today's doctors, who only suggest and sometimes stuff us with medications when we have even the slightest health problem.

More exhaustive than any other guide on the market, thoroughly researched, and written with ease of use in mind, this three-book bundle offers the opportunity to get closer to these natural beliefs with simplicity, if you start from zero, or to expand your knowledge if you already have it.

Going through its pages, you will discover:
  • Native Americans Healing Practices to restore the harmony of spirit, mind, and body and improve your health and well-being
  • All About Harvesting Plants: from planting to wildcrafting, from buying tips to ethical practices
  • Herbalism 101: a handy guide to learn every technique you'll ever need and administer herbs in different forms (fresh or dried, capsules, extracts, fumigations, and even preparations like Essential Oils and salves)
  • The Best Herbs To Use For Specific Health Issues you won't find easily in other publications.
  • The Ultimate Catalogue of 100+ Native American Plants, complete with beautiful botanical illustrations, identification and harvesting tips, and a quick guide to uses and dosages.
  • How To Cure Any Ailment with 150+ Tried and Tested Amazing Recipes for 100% Natural Herbal Remedies, chosen for you by the best herbalists
  • How to rebalance your sleep with Linden, slow down the aging process with Burdock, soothe any neck pain with Willow, take care of your skin with Yarrow, beat stress and anxiety with Betony...

We are more addicted than ever to drugs that numb our body and mind and chemicals that erode our health and weigh heavily on our wallets, but you can now easily access over 2000 years of herbal medicine-making culture.

So, are you ready to finally take control of your well-being?
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ISBN: 9798738703393
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 15th, 2021
Pages: 278
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