Travel Tips And Tricks: Discover, Plan, And Book Your Perfect Trip: Travel Around The World Cost (Paperback)

Travel Tips And Tricks: Discover, Plan, And Book Your Perfect Trip: Travel Around The World Cost By Nathan Bedlion Cover Image
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The author is very detailed in instructing the reader on how to travel on a budget. For those who are looking to travel abroad without liquidating their savings, this is the book for you. Listing different options for travel, readers have the ability to determine which course of travel will be best fit for them. This book also details different options for travel, listing the authors' favorite places. Secrets are revealed as the book informs travelers how to use layovers to check off sites on your bucket list, how to book the cheapest flights and other useful flying information. Along with the travel information, this book also gives tips on how to be safe abroad, how to avoid being scammed, and language barriers. For all intending on traveling internationally, this book is a must-have.

Through the book, we will learn many interesting and useful things:

- Learn how to avoid baggage fees, ATM fees, and foreign transaction fees.

- Master how to determine which countries are safe and how to protect yourself in a robbery

- Learn how to negotiate prices, which credit cards to use, how to get free travel insurance, and much more

- Discover what other budget travel books do not tell you

- Travel on a budget without using credit card miles

- Learn why credit card airline miles are a scam

- See why trip cancelation insurance is a scam

- Discover the truth about medical insurance and trip interruption insurance

- Use my helpful trip planning tools

- Find the best tours and hotels

- Travel around the world with ease

- Solo travel or travel with friends and family

Product Details
ISBN: 9798716712805
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 4th, 2021
Pages: 98
Language: English