A Big Book of Hot Mineral Springs for Your Enjoyment (Paperback)

A Big Book of Hot Mineral Springs for Your Enjoyment By William (Bill) C. McElroy Cover Image
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Many have seen the hot mineral springs in Yellowstone National Park and I am sure some who did, wished that he or she could enjoy a dip in the therapeutic waters. Well in Yellowstone there is one place where you can bath in a hot mineral spring. Throughout the western United States there are thousands of natural mineral springs due to the geography of the west coast and its volcanoes, faults, and plate tectonics. Many of these are suitable for bathing; many are not due to temperature, location, diseases, and mineral contents.

If you do a search on the Internet you will find several websites and books on popular hot springs in the USA. Most though only present a small handful of locations and some pretty pictures of water and rocks. This book contains over 260 hot spring locations, and no pictures of water and rocks that would increase the cost of this book considerably. (Amazon charges more for color, and thus this book would cost nearly double the current asking price)

The manual is not intended to satisfy all readers, it is written to provide the reader with a good overview of what is available.

The author has been to a few of the locations during his many decades on this planet, but it is not within his ability to go to all those that are listed, and he therefore used Google Maps(TM) during his several weeks of research of places you might be interested in exploring.

There are many Hot Spring resorts listed, and the listings do NOT contain phone numbers or other specific resort contact information as these items can change from day to day. The cost to use any of the facilities is not in this manual for the same reasoning.

The author thus provides the resort or site name and a brief description of what you may expect to find at each. It is up to the reader to do further research to discover if a site is what he or she desires. Note: that this is not a published book that has many pages of 'fluff' that fills up costly printing space.

This manual has over 260 natural and commercial hot spring sites as follows: AZ (18): CA (37): CO (23): ID (38): MT (12): NV (19): NM (27): OR (35): SD (4): UT (13): WA (13): WY (7) and you can bath in each of these, for free or for a fee depending on the hot spring or resort.

If you are going to Yellowstone National Park, then there are 16 that you should consider viewing, and one that you should consider as a spot to take a dip in a Yellowstone NP hot mineral spring. (Note: that recent floods (July 2022) have closed some roads, perhaps permanently)

This manual provides you, the reader, with the popular name of an existing hot spring or resort; the alternate (usually local name) name, a short description of the site, necessary cautions or rules, and the address with GPS of the site. If special directions for getting to the site are needed, each is supplied. Some sites need reservations, some restrict the number of guest, and some have extras like RV and tent camping, restaurants, gift shops, cabin or room rentals, games, rides, etc. and this information is part of the description.

In addition, there is a chapter on using the springs, and one on part of the history of some of the springs.

Note that no commercial or private property site has contributed to or paid the author for their mention in this manual; the author's descriptions and comments are based on sources like Google(TM) and Google Maps(TM), Internet websites, and other research.
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ISBN: 9798644053650
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 7th, 2020
Pages: 134
Language: English