Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: The Complete Guide - 2 Books in 1 - Mediterranean Diet for Beginners, Your 21-Day Meal Plan + the Cookbook with 150 of (Paperback)

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: The Complete Guide - 2 Books in 1 - Mediterranean Diet for Beginners, Your 21-Day Meal Plan + the Cookbook with 150 of By Beatrice Morelli Cover Image
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If you are wondering how to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and prevent and reverse heart disease, then this cookbook offers a wide range of fresh and delicious recipes. The Mediterranean Diet is not just a diet, but it's a way of life. It's a different way to eat, to prepare and cook food. And we can say - no doubt - a healthier way.

Have you ever wished there was a diet that didn't come with a strict menu that made you starve yourself? Could you believe that there is one, which provides you with delicious and diverse foods? This diet can provide you with all of this.

Besides the fact that the Mediterranean diet can help you lose the extra weight, it can also reduce symptoms of arthritis, prevent the appearance of heart-related illnesses, strokes, diabetes, and even reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

This diet has been recommended by nutritionists from around the globe since it is a perfect way to maintain an ideal combination of proteins, vitamins, anti-oxidants, dietary fibers, healthy fats, and vital minerals in every meal. And everyone knows that balanced nutrition is the key to excellent health.

This diet is extracted from the eating habits of the nations around the Mediterranean Sea, like Spain, Tunisia, France, Morocco, Greece, and Southern Italy. That means it is not only a diet but a tradition.

It is important that you learn everything about a diet before you start to follow it. This book highlights more on the Mediterranean diet, the benefits, the main foods you can eat, and 150 recipes selected one by one for a lovely reader.

In this comprehensive guide you will learn:

  • What the Mediterranean Diet Is
  • Advantages and Health Benefits
  • Why It Works: the Science Behind the Mediterranean Diet
  • What Should You Eat? What Shouldn't You Eat? The Do's and the Don'ts
  • Your Complete 21-Day Meal Plan
  • A Simple Strategy to Implement the Mediterranean Diet In Your Life
  • The Best Diet Tips to Lose Weight and Improve Health
  • 150 of the Greatest and Most Loved Mediterranean Diet Recipes Selected for You - Easy and Delicious Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert Recipes + New Salad, Snack and Appetizers Ideas You'll Love

If you're struggling a bit coming up with breakfast and meal ideas, then you've come to the right place

The Mediterranean diet will change the way you look in a matter of days. It will improve your overall health, your metabolism and it will help you lose the extra weight.

Switch to a new diet making a lifestyle change can be tough. Maybe you're still struggling to get your mind back to healthy eating. This book will help you step-by-step to afford this journey and will prepare you to understand this culinary tradition and all its shades and finally benefit from it lifelong.

As you can now see, the Mediterranean diet is not a restrictive one and it's so easy to follow. It has few limitations and it allows a lot of experimentation with ingredients and flavors. You can eat delicious dishes and you can use so many different and versatile ingredients to make them.

Everybody can benefit from this lifestyle.

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