Seasons (Paperback)

Seasons By Reita Oneal Jackson Cover Image
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Leaves drift from the trees, opening up vistas that have been hidden for a while. Flowers are sparse. The garden has stopped producing and is in the process of being tidied for the coming winter's sleep. A dozen ruby throated hummingbirds vie for a place at the feeders, gulping up nourishment before they begin their long journey.

The three goose families that called our pond home for weeks have all gone. The goslings, tiny and yellow when they first swam here were images of their parents when they departed. Perhaps we'll see them again.

The foxes are long gone from the back yard where we watched them as they cavorted right outside our windows. We rarely glimpse the triplet baby skunks anymore, though there are always some animal to swoop in and take their place for a few days.

There's a slight chill to the air as winter prepares to enter the seasonal cycle. My blessings are many in this country place I've called home for more than forty years. Every day is different, delighting us with beauty and change at every turn as the seasons unfold outside our door.

Seasons celebrates the passage of time and the joy that comes with each season as it unfolds.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798224311217
Publisher: Hickory Hill
Publication Date: January 31st, 2024
Pages: 188
Language: English