Splitback: An Accidental Drive into the Past (Paperback)

Splitback: An Accidental Drive into the Past By Jonathan Sherr Cover Image
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In 2022, Andrew Foster is a long-tenured News Director for a local television station. After an exhaustive search, Andrew purchased his lifelong dream car. The car is a 1963 Corvette C2 Coupe with a highly desired split-back rear window. Unknown to Andrew and the rest of the world, this car had future technology installed on it from the 23rd century. The device that was placed on the car in late 1963 was rendered inoperable by its makers and, over the course of time, was forgotten about.

While on his very first drive with his new classic Corvette, the still-installed device again became operable due to a highly unusual energy burst from the far reaches of the galaxy. Andrew and the car were unknowingly sent back in time to 1963.

Andrew awoke, not being able to see. He was injured as the car crashed hard into some trees. He had no idea that the hospital now treating him was from 59 years in his past. After a few days, Andrew's sight was now slowly coming back; he soon began to realize that things were off. As Andrew was now grasping that he was not where he should be, his troubles soon increased.

The police and FBI were now looking into this matter. The car wound up on airport property close to where the United States Vice President was set to arrive that same day. Andrew now has to prove that he is not a spy but also doesn't want to reveal his secret for fear of being locked up in a psych ward or an even worse place.

Andrew and his new ally, which is his nurse, search for a way out of this difficult and implausible situation. This appeared impossible until a visit from the future man that actually installed the device on the car appeared to Andrew. The future man has a plan; it is risky but crucial to Andrew getting back home and for the balance of the Earth's future inhabitants.

Can Andrew return to 2022, and more importantly, can the timeline be restored?

Product Details
ISBN: 9798218103729
Publisher: Jonathan Sherr
Publication Date: November 4th, 2022
Pages: 298
Language: English