A Searing Faith (Paperback)

A Searing Faith By Audrey Martin Cover Image
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When sixteen-year-old Rena finds herself the sole survivor of the fire that destroyed her home town, the only thing keeping her going is the suspicion that the tragedy wasn't an accident. She is determined to find those responsible, no matter how far her quest might take her. But no one in charge of the kingdom of Kal-Hemma seems to care that this isn't the first town destroyed by a mysterious fire. And according to Rena's travelling companions, there's a lot the members of the Royal Council aren't telling their subjects.
If Rena is truly the only survivor of the tragedy, why did she find her sister's ring outside of their destroyed home?
Who planted the strange bird figurines around the town's church before the fire?
And what do the old, forgotten Gods have to do with any of this?
A Searing Faith is the first book in an epic fantasy series based on the award-winning, interactive audio drama The Heart Pyre.

Product Details
ISBN: 9789998797208
ISBN-10: 9998797209
Publisher: Audrey Martin
Publication Date: May 25th, 2023
Pages: 326
Language: English