Effect of parental attachment on school student academic performance in psychological risk management (Paperback)

Effect of parental attachment on school student academic performance in psychological risk management By Komal Sharma Cover Image
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INTRODUCTION Education is dynamic in nature. It has gone through many ages and phases in evolution since the beginning of human history, and each stage has a different significance depending on the current social conditions. It is still evolving, and this is a phase that will never be completed. Changing times will always demand a revision of the prevailing educational ideals to meet the challenges of times. Our country has now reached a stage where economic and technical development is facing new challenges. Education is the most dominant and forceful device to bring out requisite transformation in the individual and society. It brings a holistic transformation in the individual in terms of knowledge and skills, competence and abilities to perform better in different subject specialization, development of positive attitude and adjustment to work in a specific situation and environment. Moreover, success in today's world is impossible to imagine without education, and it also plays an essential role in a country's socio-economic growth. Education expands our perspective and demonstrates many pathways to achievement and prosperity. Life gives us several challenges. However, education helps us overcome these obstacles and enable us to learn new skills, making it easier for us to carry out our daily lives to the best of our abilities. The definition of education as the transmission of knowledge, skills, and information from teachers to students is a limiting one. In its broadest sense, education refers to any act or experience that has a formative effect on a person's mind, character, or physical abilities. In this context, a trained person can correctly perceive, think clearly, and act efficiently to achieve self-selected goals and ambitions. University Education Commission (1948) explained, "Education according to the Indian tradition is not merely a means to earning or living nor is it only a nursery of thought or a school for citizenship. It is an initiation into the life of the spirit, a training of human soul in the pursuit of truth and the practice of virtue,

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