Akiyo (Paperback)

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Many things cannot be measured and thus we cannot be sure of everything. Knowing an object's position means that we cannot know its speed accurately. Something that is neither alive nor dead, but is always in motion through time at the speed of time, is uncertain. Old, but young. Alive and never dead. A young girl is born in a bunker on a planet that ends up suffering from nuclear winters and summers because blue and green aliens drop M bombs on an earth, something happens and all people end up on a different planet that blows up in a lab accident sending that same girl that was born in a bunker some 20 plus years old to 300 millions years before present earth, the next millions of years til about 1600 AD are a bumpy ride through dinosaurs, tectonic plate movement, wars and seeing many friends and foes die as the years go by along with a few romances with the gods of the time thrown in for good measure.

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ISBN: 9781990814143
ISBN-10: 199081414X
Publisher: Bsc1337 Publishing Inc. Canada
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2023
Pages: 656
Language: English