I Am the Poetry of Self Realization (Paperback)

I Am the Poetry of Self Realization By Lamptey Cruickshank Cover Image
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Poets almost always write about their own experiences, thoughts and feelings from their own particular perspectives. That perspective can be constant and thus become an affirmation of what they think and feel. But it also can change, for like all artists, a poet's work is also an exploration into his or her own psyche and the psyches of the people in their lives and around them. They understand that change, if we respect it and appreciate it and accept it, often means real growth. I Am the Poetry of Self Realization is a perfect example of this process. Although born into poverty, crime and discrimination, Lamp Cruickshank's intelligence and artistic sensibility remained intact. The poems in this collection show the spirit of not only will, but plain old-fashioned grit, the grit to overcome seemingly unbeatable odds that create disadvantage and succeed. Mr. Cruickshank's writing talent is obvious, his vocabulary original and always interesting and his ideas are thought provoking. He is a poet who not only has something to say, he is also a poet who possesses the words and intelligence to express it. His readers will be well-rewarded by this book and look forward to the many more that are to come.
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ISBN: 9781977238061
ISBN-10: 1977238068
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: January 13th, 2021
Pages: 138
Language: English