The Seed: Anu - Nexus (Paperback)

The Seed: Anu - Nexus By Andrew David Doyle Cover Image
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The Anunnaki first settlers to the planet earth created a population of hybrid human beings for their planned exploitation of the planet's rich resources. This plan was necessary for the colony having suffered a rebellion from their original program via the Iggi workforce. After which the Anunnaki had to rethink their plans. Which led their Anunnaki bio-scientists to re-create a new model using a strain of human DNA and their own. The scientists, had engineered and nurtured humankind up until this modern day. Within this clutch of DNA creations installed into a host during the Mesolithic period. A hidden conclave was also nurtured but these beings were pure Anunnaki blood groups taken directly from Lilith an Anunnaki princess who had desires on overthrowing a clutch of Draco Lizards which had intercepted Mars and destroyed the Anunnaki outpost. This action Led Lilith to take her wrath out on the Draco invaders and install peace back on the planet. Her 'Seed' and son An'Mer had been activated to attack and destroy the powers that were affecting mankind whilst also removing the (Rogue Iggi). The powers that be had seen An'Mer as a core Anunnaki prince and had concerns on his desires to rule over mankind and had installed a plan of their own to thwart any potential overthrows.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781960684288
ISBN-10: 1960684280
Publisher: A.D. Doyle Publishing
Publication Date: August 18th, 2023
Pages: 154
Language: English