The War of Independence Way (Paperback)

The War of Independence Way By Brian Pinaire, Tom Burchell (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Brian Pinaire, Tom Burchell (Illustrator)
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The War of Independence Way opens with the Reds (the British redcoats), bullies from Crown Township, blasting Massachusetts Avenue boys with paintballs (the Boston Massacre) on the orders of their leader, Georgie King (King George III), the richest kid around and the worst eighth grader in history. Members of Down with Crown, a "secret society," get revenge by dumping lemonade over Georgie's head rather than pay "taxes" on their profits. Which works out well . . . except that it starts a war that

Independence Way seems to have no chance of winning.

Because the neighborhood needs her, GW (George Washington) reluctantly leads the Independence Warriors. But despite early victories, such as crossing Delaware Creek to humiliate Georgie in his own school, the Warriors, already under-resourced, become completely overwhelmed. GW hatches a plan that is either fantastically brilliant or incredibly stupid: attacking the Reds inside the Taco Bell at York Road and Town Boulevard, while also gathering "sensitive" information on them to make them give up.

Eventually, Georgie surrenders (sort of), but without something to be against, the kids wonder what it is they are for. Will Independence Way remain thirteen separate blocks, or can the neighborhood become "united streets"?

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ISBN: 9781958754436
ISBN-10: 1958754439
Publisher: Brandylane Publishers, Inc.
Publication Date: January 8th, 2024
Pages: 176
Language: English