Judo on the Ground (Hardcover)

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For any Judoka looking to bring their 'Newaza' or groundwork to the next level, E.J. Harrison provides a compelling and detailed explanation of various methods and techniques helpful to any practioner of Judo. Readers with some prior practical and theoretical knowledge of the art of Judo and reasonable familiarity with its Japanese and English terminology will get the most use out of this text.

The famous Japanese Shihan (instructor) Tsunetani Oda, 9th Dan of the Tokyo Kodokan, admittedly seen as one of the greatest authorities ever on Newaza published his approach to Newaza in his popular work in Japanese entitled Judo wa ko shite susume ("Progress by doing Judo this way").

Harrison does a detailed interpretation of the Oda System comprising numerous drastic Immobilizations, Necklocks and Dislocation Methods not seen elsewhere.

The scope of the book is confined to an exposition and a clarification of Katamewaza which in turn comprises three sub-divisions styled respectively (1) Osaekomiwaza or Immobilization Holds, more briefly "hold-downs"; (2) Shimewaza or Shiboriwaza otherwise Necklocks, and (3) Kansetsuwaza or Dislocation Locks or Holds.

Along with over 100 illustrations all the techniques in this book are described in detail and represent invaluable knowledge and insight into the study of Newaza.

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ISBN: 9781958425176
ISBN-10: 1958425176
Publisher: Budoworks
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2022
Pages: 182
Language: English