Memory Improvement, Accelerated Learning and Brain Training: Learn How to Optimize and Improve Your Memory and Learning Capabilities for Top Results i (Hardcover)

Memory Improvement, Accelerated Learning and Brain Training: Learn How to Optimize and Improve Your Memory and Learning Capabilities for Top Results i By John Adams Cover Image
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Is it hard for you to remember passwords and numbers containing more than 8 digits at once?
Does it feel like you have to re-read certain Emails over and over again to get the message?
Do you have trouble to store and remember the information from the reports or the books you are reading?

Then keep reading.

You do not have to be smart to develop a memory like the hard disk in your computer.

Even if you are a below-average student, manager or employee, the techniques and methods used by the Memory Champions of the world will help you to memorize and understand information easier, faster and even longer than ever before.

Using the (ancient) methods applied by these Memory Champions to remember Pi to 10,000 digits in only 14 minutes will also help you in your day-to-day life as a manager, a knowledge worker and a student.

Copy and learn their techniques and secrets to learn and remember faster, easier and better. It will change your life and work for the better.

In Memory Improvement, Accelerated Learning and Brain Training you will discover:

  • The ideal brain states and frequencies to learn and how you can trigger these frequencies yourself in 3 steps (page 42-47)
  • Learn the 7 steps, defined by 8 times memory world champion Dominic O Brien, to memorize a presentation so you don t need Powerpoint anymore (page 49)
  • How to use emotions to improve your memory when preparing for the exam at university or the product pitch at work. (page 52)
  • A technique to remember words from a foreign language way easier and faster
    (still wonder why they don t teach this in school) (page 57)
  • How to leverage your long term memory to improve your short term memory to remember a large list of unrelated items (used by the ancient Greeks and Romans) (page 58)
  • Two different systems used by the great memory champions to remember a large amount of numbers only seeing or hearing them once (page 64 and 68)
  • 16 Types of food, available in your local supermarket, which will help to create new brain cells and learn faster (page 73)
  • How to change your sugar consumption so you can concentrate longer and better (page 82)
  • The golden combination of physical and mental exercise to improve your memory and brain functions (page 90)
  • The 4 types of workouts that offer brain health (page 91)
  • The long and short term effects of caffeine on your brain and memory (page 74 and page 100)
  • 10 tips to study smart instead of hard (page 105)
  • The 4 myths regarding the effects of sleep on your memory (page 101)
  • 17 tips to become a top performer at work while working less (page 112)
  • The controversial truth about perfectionism (page 123)

And much, much more.

You might wonder if those techniques can only be learned by the smartest people with the best memory. The methods are described with practical examples so you can apply them on a daily basis at your work or studying for an exam. So you do not have to be a natural-born Einstein to have success.

Are you ready to impress your partner, friends, colleagues and parents?

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ISBN: 9781951999582
ISBN-10: 1951999584
Publisher: Sophie Dalziel
Publication Date: March 1st, 2020
Pages: 146
Language: English