Ashes of Her Love (Paperback)

Ashes of Her Love Cover Image
By Carla DuPont (Editor), Sarah Plamondon (Editor), Ivy Tran (Illustrator)
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After the burning blaze of a failed relationship, she is often left alone to deal with the smoking aftermath. Best-selling author Pierre Alex Jeanty helps to bring clarity and understanding to the countless women who are faced with the reality of heartbreak. Ashes of Her Love exposes the fire for what it truly was, and encourages women to drown out the embers that threaten to reignite. With this book, women are inspired to free themselves from the weight of dead relationships, find freedom in walking away, and are empowered to stay away and avoid the reoccurring cycle of heartache. If you're in a dying relationship, walking away from a terrible love story, learning to put what is no longer good in the past, Ashes of Her love is the fire you need to turn the pages and start writing a new love story. The ending is just the beginning...
Product Details
ISBN: 9781949191103
ISBN-10: 1949191109
Publisher: Pierre Jeanty
Publication Date: August 12th, 2019
Pages: 106
Language: English