Final Exam Review: Calculus 1 & 2: (A Guided Approach) (Paperback)

Final Exam Review: Calculus 1 & 2: (A Guided Approach) By A. a. Frempong Cover Image
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Final Exam Review: Calculus 1 & 2 covers the following topics: a note to the student in preparing for exams; differentiation and integration of functions using a guided and an analytical approach. All the normally difficult to understand topics have been made easy to understand, apply and remember. The topics include continuity, limits of functions; proofs; differentiation of functions; applications of differentiation to minima and maxima problems; rates of change, and related rates problems. Also covered are general simple substitution techniques of integration; integration by parts, trigonometric substitution techniques; application of integration to finding areas and volumes of solids. Guidelines for general approach to integration are presented to help the student save trial-and-error time on examinations. Other topics include L'Hopital's rule, improper integrals; and memory devices to help the student memorize the basic differentiation and integration formulas, as well as trigonometric identities. This book is one of the most user-friendly

calculus textbooks ever published.

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ISBN: 9781946485427
ISBN-10: 194648542X
Publication Date: October 21st, 2017
Pages: 486
Language: English