Calculus from the Ground Up (Hardcover)

Calculus from the Ground Up By Jonathan Laine Bartlett Cover Image
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Calculus is one of humanity's greatest achievements. With calculus, you can analyze the infinitely large, the infinitely small, and everything in-between. Calculus gives you the tools to develop your own mathematics, your own formulas, and, most importantly, your own imagination. Calculus is not just a subject. It is an invitation to think differently about the way that the world works.

Calculus has a reputation for being a dry, dreary, difficult subject. However, the problem generally lies with tedious, lifeless books that present calculus with all the vigor of a wilted salad. Calculus was not discovered as a series of dull proofs about the real number line. It was discovered by curious people who took the time to look at the world in a new way.

Calculus from the Ground Up invites readers to not just read about mathematics but to become active participants--making numbers and symbols the servants of their minds as they grow their imaginations in ways they didn't think possible.

Calculus from the Ground Up isn't your typical mathematics book. It is a guidebook for students to learn not only the bare subject of calculus, but also to discover how its artistry impacts other areas of life. Calculus from the Ground Up includes sections on how to solve impossible problems, how to break problems into manageable sizes, how to develop new mathematical formulas, and even how to live a more ethical life, all through lessons gained from calculus.

About the Author

Jonathan Bartlett is an author, teacher, researcher, and computer programmer. He is passionate about teaching mathematics not only for how it helps students to solve number problems, but for how it trains them to think about problems in new ways. Jonathan has spent his years training the intuitions and imaginations of readers, students, developers, engineers, and even theologians. His books have been used in classrooms ranging all the way from Princeton University to local homeschool co-ops.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781944918026
ISBN-10: 1944918027
Publisher: BP Learning
Publication Date: November 1st, 2018
Pages: 458
Language: English