Two Old Potatoes and Me (Paperback)

Two Old Potatoes and Me By John Coy, Carolyn Fisher (Illustrator) Cover Image
By John Coy, Carolyn Fisher (Illustrator)


One day at her dad's house, a young girl finds two old potatoes in the cupboard. "Gross." But before she can throw them away, her dad suggests they try to grow new potatoes from the old ones, which have sprouted eyes. Told from May to September, the potato-growing season, the story includes all the basic steps for growing potatoes while subtly dealing with the parents' recent divorce. Just like the new potatoes that emerge from ugly old potatoes, this dad and daughter move on and make a new life together in the face of unavoidable and unpleasant change. Carolyn Fisher's artwork will be instantly recognizable from her picture book debut, "A Twisted Tale," and her trademark high-energy art and design infuse joy and humor into this heartwarming story.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781935666462
ISBN-10: 1935666460
Publisher: Nodin Press
Publication Date: May 15th, 2013
Language: English