Do You Mind If I Smoke? (Paperback)

Do You Mind If I Smoke? By Penelope Dyan, Penelope Dyan (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Penelope Dyan, Penelope Dyan (Illustrator)
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Penelope Dyan was cruising down the Rhine River in Germany when a wrinkled rather young woman began blowing smoke in her face. Dyan very politely tried to fan the smoke away with a piece of paper; and the woman just laughed at her and held the cigarette closer. Right then and there, as children played nearby, this story formed in her head. In fact, Dyan tried to turn on her computer that very instant to write this story, but the sun was too bright; and she couldn't see the computer screen. Nevertheless, the story was written. It is something that must be said. No one should ever be so selfish as to invade the breathing space of another. Use this book to warn your children about the dangers of smoking and second hand smoke, or give this book to a friend as a friendly nudge to stop smoking altogether. Be brave like the child in this story. Don't be afraid to be a little rude when your health is at issue, and never punish your child for saying something that is true and right. Dyan is a former k-12 teacher and an award winning writer. And as irreverent as this book may seem, it tells a very big truth.,
Product Details
ISBN: 9781935630319
ISBN-10: 1935630318
Publisher: Bellissima Publishing
Publication Date: October 8th, 2010
Pages: 34
Language: English