Home Ed and Four Legs: A Mess of Happiness (Paperback)

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Home Ed and Four Legs - A Mess of Happiness.

The ideal, easy read for parents thinking about home education. This book shows the good bits and bad bits of the authors experiences of home educating her three daughters. The author has many funny tales to tell from her short time educating her children and she gives a brutally honest account of the set backs she has encountered, as well as the brilliant aspects. This is not a how-to book but just a very personally account of the authors experiences.

Dealing with stereotypes and usual thoughts around home educating, the author, Hannah, explains how she felt before home educating and how she feels now and how inclusive home education is of all walks of life. Hannah gives a personal view of her life and her reasons to home educate, how she started home education and how she intends to keep going. She also touches on the current situation (Covid) and the issues around home-schooling for school children and their parents.

This book is not anti-government, anti-school or anti-teacher, if anything teachers are praised throughout the book. There is also a small section where her children are asked their opinion on home education, giving this book a different outlook on alternative education.

Hannah Whyman-Naveh is a children's book illustrator and indie-author of the Piper and Minnie series of short stories. Hannah enjoys home educating her children at her home in Norfolk UK, along with her husband and their many horses, dogs, sheep and chickens. Hannah explains how the animals are a huge part of their home ed lifestyle and details several ways how she incorporates the animals into everyday learning for her girls.

If your are interested in home education, intrigued by it, already home educating, or just fancy finding out more from someone who does, then this book would be ideal for you.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781838205812
ISBN-10: 1838205810
Publisher: Hannah Whyman-Naveh
Publication Date: March 1st, 2021
Pages: 156
Language: English