Vector Analysis from Scratch: Math Beyond Numbers (Paperback)

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Vector analysis is a very useful and powerful tool for physicists and engineers alike. It has applications in multiple fields.

Although it is not a particularly difficult subject to learn, students often lack a proper understanding of the concepts on a deeper level. This restricts its usage to a mere mathematical tool. That's where this book hopes to be different.

We don't want this subject to be treated just as a mathematical tool. We hope to go beyond it. Therefore, the emphasis is to provide a physical interpretation of the various concepts in the subject with the help of illustrative figures and intuitive reasoning. Having said that, we have also given adequate importance to the mathematical aspect of the subject. 100+ solved examples given in the book will give the reader a definite edge when it comes to problem-solving.

For beginners, this book will provide a concise introduction to the world of vectors in a unique way. The various concepts of the subject are arranged logically and explained in a simple reader-friendly language so that they can learn with minimum effort quickly.

For experts, this book will be a great refresher.

The first 2 chapters focus on the basics of vectors. In chapters 3 to 5, we dig into vector calculus. Chapter 6 is all about vectors in different coordinate systems, and finally, chapter 7 focuses on the applications of vectors in various fields like engineering mechanics, electromagnetism, fluid mechanics etc.

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ISBN: 9781806308491
ISBN-10: 1806308495
Publisher: Romuald Fisher
Publication Date: February 28th, 2023
Pages: 212
Language: English