Parenting Survival Guide: The Clever Program for Busy Parents that Want to Raise Happy Children (Hardcover)

Parenting Survival Guide: The Clever Program for Busy Parents that Want to Raise Happy Children Cover Image
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Are your customers looking for a step-by-step premiered program to reboot their family lives and thrive in a post-pandemic world always with a smile?

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In life, it's difficult to avoid the impulsive convenient urge to put off stuff and to miss out on important commitments.

It's equally difficult to avoid negative family situations and feelings at this day in a post-pandemic world. But if that has been causing by a constant overwhelming feeling and by the increasing lack of time, your customers are about to learn how to put an end to all that to turn life around, for good

This smart book has a clear goal, which is to teach the right mindset and habits your customers need to adopt in very simple steps to say bye bye to diapers forever, build and keep an enlightened family and grow happy children without wasted time and headaches.

Your customer will discover:

 The bullet-proof method to keep the family happy and always grateful in a post-pandemic world

 The Premiered Survival Program with daily exercises] that helped 1.457 parents live happy with their families

 Step-by-step exercises and professional instructions

 The smart way to understand the educational process and be a mindful parent

Help your customer to raise happy and anger-free kids and build an enlightened family.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781802240429
ISBN-10: 180224042X
Publisher: Mario Mazza
Publication Date: March 4th, 2021
Pages: 120
Language: English