The Norway Campaign and the Rise of Churchill 1940 (Hardcover)

The Norway Campaign and the Rise of Churchill 1940 By Anthony Dix Cover Image
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While the campaign in Norway (April to June 1940) was a depressing opening to active hostilities between Britain and Nazi Germany, it led directly to Churchill's war leadership and The Coalition. Both were to prove decisive in the long term.This well researched work opens with a summary of the issues and personalities in British politics in the 1930s. The consequences of appeasement and failure to re-arm quickly became apparent in April 1940. The Royal Navy, which had been the defense priority, found itself seriously threatened by the Luftwaffe's control of the skies. The economies inflicted on the Army were all too obvious when faced by the Wehrmacht. Losses of men and equipment were serious and salutary.The campaign itself is broken down into three phases the landings in support of the Norwegians, the evacuation from Central Norway which led to Chamberlain's resignation and, finally, the campaign in the North which remained credible until the fall of France.This book, with its informed mix of politics and war fighting, provides a balanced overview of the opening campaign of the Second World War and its consequences.
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ISBN: 9781783400607
ISBN-10: 1783400609
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Publication Date: April 19th, 2014
Pages: 272
Language: English