Scotland's Christmas: Festive Celebrations, Traditions and Customs in Scotland from Samhain to Still Game (Paperback)

Scotland's Christmas: Festive Celebrations, Traditions and Customs in Scotland from Samhain to Still Game By Thomas A. Christie, Murray Cook Cover Image
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Winter festivals in Scotland have been going on for a very long time-at least 10,000 years, in fact, which means that they predate traditional Christmas celebrations by some eight millennia Scots have always loved to party when the days are cold and the nights are long. But what was the basis for all this seasonal merrymaking, and exactly what makes a Scottish Christmas so unique? And wasn't Christmas illegal in Scotland for 400 years?

In this book, thought to be the first on the subject, popular culture researcher Dr Tom Christie and archaeologist Dr Murray Cook take a look at how Christmas and other winter festivals have been celebrated, banned and reborn throughout Scotland's long history. As well as considering the cultural impact of Christmas on Scotland over the centuries, the authors also meander into yuletide myths and legends as well as the food, the literature and many little-known facts along the way.

In the modern age, Christmas has started to have an increasing impact on the popular culture of Scotland, and the book delves into how this celebration has been portrayed across different media such as TV, film, music, computer games and more. On top of all that, Scotland's Christmas also highlights a series of the worst festive seasons ever to be experienced in fair Caledonia through the years-and as you will read, there's a fair bit of competition for that infamous title over the ages, from Sir William Wallace to Bonnie Prince Charlie and beyond.

So get ready to discover exactly when Scotland discovered Santa Claus (and vice-versa), why the Wulver is arguably the country's least conventional festive hero, how Edinburgh influenced Charles Dickens's creation of Ebenezer Scrooge, where the country's first deep-fried mince pie was produced, and so much more besides. But whatever else you do, avoid the dreaded Chimney Demon at all costs-it might end up scorching more than your Christmas stocking on the fireplace

Scotland's Christmas includes a foreword by actor, comedian, writer and presenter Sanjeev Kohli.

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Publication Date: September 29th, 2023
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