Make Your Author emPact: Sell More Books, Increase Your Reach & Achieve Your Why (Paperback)

Make Your Author emPact: Sell More Books, Increase Your Reach & Achieve Your Why By Stephanie Feger Cover Image
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You wrote a book (or are planning to). Now, how do you sell it? Or, better question, how do you use it to make your author emPact?

(Spoiler alert: Writing a book is half the battle. Marketing it is another story. Literally.)

Do you want to write a book that is marketable (and people will buy)? Do you want to sell more books, reach more people and inspire in the process? Do you want to leverage a book to build or grow a business? Do you want to make an impact ... ahem, emPact?

What is a book if it is never read? (Shudder ) Most authors focus intensely on writing a book. But that's only part of the process. A meaningful part, but without marketing, a book will never fulfill its purpose.

Marketing is daunting, and you are likely unsure where to invest your time, energy and budget. You're not alone. Most authors have the deer-in-the-headlights look when it comes to marketing. Here's why:

  • You want to write more books... speak on stages... build a business. You're a writer, not a marketer, and you have no intention of becoming one (even though you want to sell books).
  • Your budget is limited. Your time is precious. You have no energy for this marketing nonsense, except it is probably the main thing that makes sense.
  • You know you need an author platform, but you don't know what that means, much less how to build one
  • The constant evolution of marketing tactics is confusing and overwhelming. You have a fear of missing out, but you don't know where to start.

Deep breaths. Stephanie Feger has your back (and your book). Even if you hate the word marketing, her hope is you will love what it can do for you, your book and your message.

If you want to sell books, you have to market them. If you want to reach people, you have to tell them. If you want to build or grow a business, you have to spread the word. If you want to leave a legacy, you have to embrace the core principles of marketing.

Make Your Author emPact is for writers, authors and authorpreneurs who want to make an emPact-and know marketing will make that happen-but are unsure of the next right move. Whether you are traditionally published, self-published or somewhere in between, Stephanie distills marketing strategies and tactics that will help you sell more books, increase your reach and achieve your why.

In this invaluable author resource, you'll uncover:

Part 1: Your Author emPact

Discover tried-and-true book marketing processes-including the framework and methodology she uses with her clients-to make emPact.

Part 2: Write a Marketable Book

Write a book you love and readers will buy by uncovering what they need and how your book is a solution.

Part 3: Sell More Books

Unlock the secrets to a successful author platform and emPower your connections and those of others to extend your reach.

Part 4: Build or Grow a Business

Lift your message from the page and build a business that creates change and makes emPact.

Part 5: emPowered Authors Leave an emPact

Trade overwhelm for emPowerment and walk away with effective book marketing strategies you can implement immediately to achieve your why-the reason you wrote a book in the first place.

Stephanie Feger is an author, speaker, book marketer, and founder and chief strategist of the emPower PR Group, a book marketing solution for nonfiction authors. Her relatable stories paired with book marketing strategies and tactics that work, leaves you equipped to make your Author emPact.

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ISBN: 9781736387214
ISBN-10: 1736387219
Publisher: Stargazer Publications
Publication Date: September 20th, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English