Journey Into the History of Ukraine (Hardcover)

Journey Into the History of Ukraine By Irina Makarevich Cover Image
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Imagine going on a journey through history from the first settlers to a modern nation.

Join a class of elementary school students who are learning about their Ukrainian roots while helping a new classmate from Ukraine adapt to a new life in America.

Listen to stories about wise princesses, just kings, and brave warriors. Find out about different Slavic tribes, the formation of the Ukrainian state, and the uniqueness of the Ukrainian language, traditions, beliefs.

After reading, you will learn about:

◆ First settlers on the territory of Ukraine

◆ Different Slavic tribes and their fate

◆ Khivan Rus' and its most prominent rulers

◆ Ruthenian king and Mongol invasion

◆ Formation of the democratic Cossack state

◆ Development of Ukraine's national identity

◆ Fun facts about the Ukrainian language

◆ National symbols of Ukraine

◆ Effects of the current war on children

And much more...

Illustration drawings, coloring pages, and fun assignments are included. This book is meant for family reading and discussion. It will help young readers and their parents learn more about the history of Ukraine. Best suited for children ages 9-12.

Over the centuries, the country of Ukraine has gone through many trials in its fight for freedom. It is still fighting even now. Find out what inspires its people to never give up.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781734008708
ISBN-10: 1734008709
Publisher: Irina Makarevich
Publication Date: July 5th, 2023
Pages: 98
Language: English