Another Life (Paperback)

Another Life By Daniel Lipara, Robin Myers (Translator) Cover Image
By Daniel Lipara, Robin Myers (Translator)
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ANOTHER LIFE, Daniel Lipara's subtle and shimmering debut, is a family history, an intimate epic, a travel story, and an initiation. Both meditative and cinematic, engaging both playfully and ardently with the Odyssey and Alice Oswald's Memorial, this book chronicles a constellation of relatives pushed into the light by the centripetal force of death. ANOTHER LIFE is less elegy than eulogy, summoning a vibrant range of voices and tones--caustic, tender, solemn, ecstatic--to praise the many lives that fit inside each and every one of us.

A vivid, evocative account of family, place and memory, through Homeric poetry and myth, beautifully translated by Robin Myers.--Emily Wilson

Family, spiritual discovery, the recovery of myth and what it means when we use words like 'sacred, ' or 'soul'--Daniel Lipara explores all the larger questions with grace, compassion and deft humour in this gem of a collection. Inventively and scrupulously translated by Robin Myers, ANOTHER LIFE is one of the finest books of poetry that I have read in some time.--John Burnside

It is hard to describe all that ANOTHER LIFE is--epic poem, bildungsroman, family chronicle, elegy. The thing is, though, description doesn't matter--the poem beguiles and charms, moves as muscular as an epiphany through the silence it meditates on halfway through when the speaker comes of age at an ashram with his mother. It is dappled with dazzling Homeric similes, describing the life of an Argentine boy descended from Greek farmers and Russian seers as he witnesses, say, his mother being wrapped into a sari in rural India, or his father disassemble an engine in Mataderos. It is home to an effortless abundance, but never a clutteredness, thanks in large part to Robin Myers exceptional translation. In her hands, the lines are as lucent and bracing as ice cubes dropped in a glass of water--llava halts, gusts of smoke bluster--and the syntax is as fluid and free of punctuation as the Aeolian winds that move Lipara's people across oceans and eras and into as much as out of each other's lives. Unaffected yet profound, casual but alert to the innate dignity of life, the poem that Robin Myers has brought us does what great poems do: show us the ancient in the contemporary, the lightness in the gravity, the gleaming thread of the sacred woven everywhere in the commonplace.--Conor Bracken

Poetry. Literary Nonfiction. Latinx Studies. Translated by Robin Myers.

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