Amy's Eyes (Paperback)

Amy's Eyes By Richard Kennedy, Chihiro Nakagawa (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Richard Kennedy, Chihiro Nakagawa (Illustrator)
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Amy's eyes are blue as the ocean and bright as buttons. In fact, they are buttons, for Amy is a doll. Once she was a flesh-and-blood orphan child at St. Anne's Home for Girls. But her beloved sailor doll turned into a real little man and went off to seek his fortune, becoming Captain of the frigate Ariel. So Amy pined away and--behold She turning into a doll herself.

"Why, this means that almost anything could happen " says the Captain upon his return.

And almost anything does, as the two set out on the Ariel with a crew that includes rabbits, dogs, cats, monkeys, and other animals (who were all once dolls themselves) on a dangerous quest for gold treasure.

Reviews for Amy's Eyes (1st Edition)

"Richard Kennedy has all the wacky charm and rakish humor of a Roald Dahl; the pathos and irrepressible optimism of Frances Hodgson Burnett; the fantasy, recovery, escape, and consolation of C.S. Lewis or L. Frank Baum." - San Francisco Chronicle

"Amy's Eyes, in my opinion, is indeed an extraordinary work. I think it's a brilliant novel in every way, and filled with inexhaustible riches: rich in conception, in language, in wise humor, in excitement. Richard Kennedy sets a new high standard for all of us concerned with quality in literature for young people. Writers, surely, must envy his achievement --and above all, admire it. I found the book altogether wonderful, and a permanent treasure." - Lloyd Alexander

"This vital sense of life, both as possibility and meaning, is this big book's wonderful achievement." - New York Times

"Amy's Eyes is one of the most startling, compelling novels to be published as children's literature in recent years. The story embraces practically every element of a classic fantasy adventure: a poor, gentle, noble child in an orphanage; a mean and spiteful woman to plague the child; a kind and loving protector; sailing ships and pirates and a search for a golden treasure." - The Seattle Times

"It is a masterpiece." - Oregon Media Association

Product Details
ISBN: 9781732446809
ISBN-10: 1732446806
Publisher: Jericho Hill Publishing
Publication Date: May 15th, 2018
Pages: 430
Language: English