The Homework Club's - Preparing for Algebra: Math Help for Struggling Kids (Paperback)

The Homework Club's - Preparing for Algebra: Math Help for Struggling Kids By Susan Everingham Cover Image
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Homeschooling is often difficult for parents, especially those that haven't done this before. Preparing for Algebra was written for "tutors" who are new to teaching math. This lends itself perfectly for parents at home right now during this horrible crisis. Now listed on California's Department of Education Website (Math Resources) CDE Link: http: // For further support: I'll post YouTube page by page tutorials to help. https: // back of the book has 3 sections: Math Tutoring Skills, Favorite Mistakes, and Observable Behaviors, all three will help a parent guide their child to being successful with algebra. The Bubbles on most of the pages are there for student and tutor conversation. The bubble questions are really helpful to a student's cognitive understanding of the material. Parents: You don't need to worry that you are not tutoring correctly. This book helps the "tutor" as much as the student. The Problem: Preparing for Algebra meets the needs of students who experience math-related anxiety. Often weak basic elementary skills show up as learning issues by the time they enter middle school, many also suffer from habitual mistakes. Anxiety can stop kids from developing knowledge of the basics that they will need to understand algebra. An overwhelmed mind isn't open enough to learn new skills. Solving the Problem: Preparing for Algebra is designed as a supplementary workbook. We start by looking at simple things differently. The first chapter may appear too simple, but it is written to bridge the language barrier between rote elementary computations to the more abstract algebra they will encounter in middle school. The pages of this book present one clear content area at a time and fewer problems than standard textbooks. Our aim is to reduce student anxiety by minimizing the number of problems per page, using larger fonts, giving more room for computation and using clear examples. The Favorite Mistakes section in the back addresses and corrects the most common habitual mistakes. The Result: This book should take your child from "I hate math" to "It's ok, I got it". Using Preparing for Algebra will rebuild the basics so that algebra and its new language will become easy to understand for your child. You'll find that about 80% of your student's math challenges are covered in this book. As a parent you may have struggled to help your child with his or her math homework; you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to help your child using this book. Who Wrote this Book? As an after-school program, The Homework Club employed 100's of educators and taught 1000's of students. These worksheets were developed over 18 years for students to go from their basic elementary math education to succeed in middle school math and specifically with algebra. Preparing for Algebra is a must to help your child succeed with middle school algebra.Thank you for your attention and review. Good luck, I look forward to hearing from you.
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ISBN: 9781723708589
ISBN-10: 1723708585
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2018
Pages: 320
Language: English