Algebra, Statistics and Probability: A Mathematics Book for High Schools and Colleges (Paperback)

Algebra, Statistics and Probability: A Mathematics Book for High Schools and Colleges Cover Image
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This book, Algebra, Statistics and Probability, has been carefully written to teach you some topics in mathematics by explaining them with a mindset to fully equip you in the topics. This textook is a mathematics 'teacher' which is suitable for students in high schools and colleges. It also serves as a useful tool for students who are preparing for entrance examinations into colleges and universities. The step by step explanations presented in the numerous worked examples are easy to study since care was taken to sufficiently explain salient points and mathematical ideas. This book will boost your level of understanding of algebra, statistics and probability. Numerous exercises at the end of each chapter are given to test students' understanding of the topics. The topics covered in this book include: NUMBER BASES MODULAR ARITHMETIC STANDARD FORM AND APPROXIMATION OF NUMBERS LAWS OF INDICES LOGARITHMS OF NUMBERS GREATER THAN 1 - USE OF TABLES THEORY OF LOGARITHMS LINEAR EQUATIONS AND CHANGE OF SUBJECT OF FORMULAE VARIATION COLLECTION AND TABULATION OF DATA MEAN, MEDIAN AND MODE OF UNGROUPED DATA COLLECTION AND TABULATION OF GROUPED DATA MEAN, MEDIAN AND MODE OF GROUPED DATA MEAN DEVIATION VARIANCE AND STANDARD DEVIATION QUARTILES AND PERCENTILES BY INTERPOLATION METHOD THE BASIC THEORY OF PROBABILITY PROBABILITY ON SIMPLE EVENTS PROBABILITY ON PACK OF PLAYING CARDS PROBABILITY ON TOSSING OF COINS PROBABILITY ON THROWING OF DICE MISCELLANEOUS PROBLEMS ON PROBABILITY

Readers will find these topics well simplified, thereby making mathematics more interesting.A constructive review of this mathematics textbook will be highly appreciated from buyers so as to give an overview to others who intend to purchase a copy of it, and also to serve as a form of advice to the author when revising the book.

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ISBN: 9781718013896
ISBN-10: 1718013892
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 11th, 2018
Pages: 200
Language: English