Still Life: The Photographs of Maggie St. Thomas (Hardcover)

Still Life: The Photographs of Maggie St. Thomas By Maggie St. Thomas Cover Image
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Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of 'Still Life: The Photographs of Maggie St. Thomas'. This captivating collection of photographic work transports viewers to mesmerizing live performances and intimate portraits that pulse with raw emotion and artistic expression.

To add further depth to this artistic journey, 'Still Life' features a foreword written by Exene Cervenka, a legendary figure in the music world whose words set the stage for the following captivating visuals, with thought-provoking quotes from artists in the goth and deathrock scene such as Rikk Agnew, Gitane Demone, and Eva O., providing poignant insights into themes of death and the afterlife that further enrich the narrative interwoven throughout.

The hauntingly beautiful and alluring cover model, Rita Elvira, embodies the mesmerizing world in the book's pages, with layout artistry by Biff Butler that draws readers deeper into the compelling visuals and narrative.

About the Author

Maggie St. Thomas is a multifaceted artist from Long Beach, CA. She became a published photographer and photojournalist just days after her 14th birthday, fearlessly capturing the essence of the Los Angeles Anarchy punk and Goth music scenes with her camera.

Since the mid '90s, Maggie's remarkable photographic and journalistic works have graced the pages and covers of over 300 print publications, including notable names like High Times and Rolling Stone Magazine. Her photojournalistic career has led her to work closely with legendary artists such as Etta James, Lemmy Kilmeister, Bo Diddley, Lux Interior, and Snoop Dogg. Each collaboration has allowed Maggie to capture their essence and immortalize their moments in her timeless photographs.

In a unique twist, Maggie ventured beyond her photographic pursuits and established a career in Death Care since the beginning of 2021. As a licensed Crematory Operator, she assists those who have transitioned from the realm of the living to the afterlife.

In October 2022, Maggie St. Thomas achieved another milestone as she entered the published author world with her first book, "Still Life: The Photographs of Maggie St. Thomas", captivating readers with its mesmerizing imagery and portrayal of life's fleeting moments. Currently, Maggie is hard at work, meticulously crafting her second book, and eager to share her artistic vision with readers again.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781667873718
ISBN-10: 1667873717
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: December 12th, 2022
Pages: 104
Language: English