5-Minute Core Exercises for Seniors: Daily Routines to Build Balance and Boost Confidence (Paperback)

5-Minute Core Exercises for Seniors: Daily Routines to Build Balance and Boost Confidence By Cindy Brehse, Tami Brehse Dzenitis Cover Image
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Strengthen your core and boost your confidence with 5-minute exercise routines for seniors

Having a strong core can improve mobility, reduce aches and pains, prevent falls, and build everyday confidence. 5-Minute Core Exercises for Seniors makes it easy to incorporate daily exercise for seniors, with a collection of 40 individual movements and 25 quick routines for strengthening the major core muscles.

This guide to exercise for seniors helps you:
  • Get to know your core—Learn the muscle groups that make up your core, the benefits of keeping them strong, the importance of breathing and stretching, and the latest science behind exercise for seniors.
  • Enjoy a wide variety of exercises—Discover a range of seated, standing, on-the-mat, and weighted exercises that mimic everyday movement and don't require any special equipment.
  • Follow step-by-step instructions—Find how-tos and illustrations for engaging the right muscles and preventing injury, as well as tips to increase or decrease the intensity of each movement to meet your needs.

Improve strength, balance, and confidence with this detailed introduction to core exercise for seniors.

About the Author

CINDY BREHSE is an Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and Silver Sneakers certified group fitness instructor, as well as a Golden Hearts Active at Any Age Senior Fitness Specialist. She’s especially focused on the challenges of the over-50 population, helping them use fitness to maintain a strong quality of life and a healthy, positive mindset.

TAMI BREHSE DZENITIS helps small- and medium-size businesses perfect their digital marketing messaging and create content that drives sales. She manages operations and content for FitnessWithCindy.com.

Praise For…

For seniors who are bombarded with advice from trainers of all ages, Cindy Brehse’s book is a breath of fresh air. She brings a lifetime of teaching movement to give you exercise routines that are both fun and sustainable. Beautiful illustrations depict each step of the exercises (and realistically show what we look like in our golden years).

Starting a fitness routine later in life can be daunting and discouraging. Cindy and Tami’s book squashes those feelings with a lighthearted, entertaining approach to exercising. The illustrations and explanations are concise and easy to understand. If you’re looking for a way to not only improve your health but your confidence as well, pick up this book! It’s a must-read not only for seniors but for any fitness professional working with the senior population.

Cindy Brehse is truly a health warrior who walks the talk. Cindy lives and maintains her recovery through her work, diet, and lifestyle. Dedicated to fitness and health, she teaches others through her example. A wonderful, powerful spirit. By following Cindy's direction you will recover what you have lost and keep moving the goal line!

"I am a certified personal trainer and this book is a great buy! Not for the CrossFit crowd, but for all the rest of us that want to be healthy with simple real world exercises that can be done safely and enjoy it. I love the description and pictures. So easy to follow I can even hand the book to a client and let them see "you can do this". Fitness can be very intimidating, and this book solves that problem. GREAT EXERCISES that will be effective." — Customer Review

"This is a great book, the exercises are great, many of them are done on chairs if you cannot get on the floor, or better still get back up from the floor. I had joined the gym just about the same time this book arrived, so I went to the gym and rode the bike and walked the treadmill, I think I will quit the gym and do the exercises in this book." — Customer Review

"I purchased this for my 80 y/o mother who wanted to find a way to stay fit but doesn't have ability to do lots of strenuous activities. She found many of these exercises to be easy for her to do and is seeing results!" — Customer Review

"Simple to follow exercises that help strengthen the back, flatten the tummy, and increase flexibility. At 73 and with degenerative disc disease and osteoporosis, many of these exercises have worked for me in the sessions I have had with physical and occupational therapists in the past, and I trust that they will continue to help me get back on track and help with spinal support, flexibility, and back pain relief. Glad to have all these exercises in one place!" — Customer Review
Product Details
ISBN: 9781648766565
ISBN-10: 1648766560
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: May 4th, 2021
Pages: 158
Language: English
Series: Exercises for Seniors