Unholyland: The Trilogy (Paperback)

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A novel in verse that tells the story of a romance between an Israeli DJ and a Palestinian rapper, set in 21st century Israel and Palestine. Through the story of two lovers, Mosh and Jalilah, this verse novel encapsulates the personal tragedy of the Palestine-Israel conflict. Set in the popular music culture of modern Palestine, using rap rhythms and the sonnet form, Aidan Andrew Dun’s new book is verbally accomplished and rhythmically creative, and yet gripping to read as the story unfolds in a fast-moving narrative of twists and turns. From a first meeting in an underground dive in the Galilee, through Jalilah’s home life in Sabra and Shatila camp, and Mosh’s capture and interrogation by Israeli security, the story builds to a climax in an improvised music gathering in the Sinai desert. This is a unique and original piece of writing. It will also appeal to younger readers through the use of rap rhythms and the inclusion of leading rap and reggae musicians in the narrative.

About the Author

Aidan Andrew Dun is a poet, musician and composer, living in and writing about London and the Middle East.

Praise For…

"Told in a series of sonnets, the story draws on a litany of influences, including the political slingshot hip-hop of Palestine, Rastafarian reggae, religious myth, and slang". an innovative work that draws the reader in with a real sense of danger and urgency."

"One of the most extraordinary things about this long and detailed poem, whose location is clear from the title 'Unholyland' is that its poet has never visited Israel or Palestine. Yet his grip of the history and his sense of the emotional lie of the land are second to none... Throughout this narrative the poet's virtuosity with the form builds up until it becomes almost an easy read... This is a poet who does not compromise. His very subject matter is sensitive to many echelons of the establishment. His tirades against the use of warfare to coerce Palestinians, the absurdity of the lives of communities there, his testimonies of the poverty and wealth, the secret natural friendships across the divisions, the force that goes from his beliefs into his poetry, his potential to be an outsider, and yet he is steadily gaining ground as a known and accepted poet: the more you read this book the more you realize that, typically of the best poetry, it is about two things: the subject of the poem, and the actual poet."
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ISBN: 9781566560627
ISBN-10: 1566560624
Publisher: Interlink Books
Publication Date: July 15th, 2016
Pages: 264
Language: English