The War for England's Shores: S-Boats and the Fight Against British Coastal Convoys (Hardcover)

The War for England's Shores: S-Boats and the Fight Against British Coastal Convoys By G. H. Bennett Cover Image
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The War for England's Shores examines the Kriegsmarine's S-Boat offensive along the English Channel and the North Sea from 1940 to 1945, together with British (later Allied) responses to nullify that threat. The campaign against the convoys running along the coast of Britain has been overlooked by historians. Swift and armed with torpedoes and mines, the S-Boat posed a serious threat to the convoys forced to run along the British coast as often as six days out of every seven.

Using an array of archival materials from Britain, Germany, and the United States, The War for England's Shores examines why the Germans failed to make the most of this opportunity to disrupt the British war economy. G. H. Bennett analyzes how the British slowly nullified the threat by embracing new technologies and developing a system of sea control to gradually force the German S-Boat arm to transition from offensive action against Britain's coastal convoys to the defensive posture of waiting for an invasion of France. Considering the war along Britain's coastal convoy routes in the context of twenty-first-century interest in littoral warfare, this work has vital, current appeal using the German S-Boat campaign of 1940 to 1945 to offer significant and surprising new insights.

About the Author

G. H. Bennett is associate professor at Plymouth University where he has taught since 1992. He is author of more than twenty books and is a trustee of the Museum and Historic Book Collection at Britannia Royal Naval College.
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ISBN: 9781557503756
ISBN-10: 1557503753
Publisher: US Naval Institute Press
Publication Date: September 15th, 2023
Pages: 320
Language: English