Effective Methods To Stop Smoking (Paperback)

Effective Methods To Stop Smoking By Brian B. Jacques Cover Image
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Smoking is a "habit" that is easy to start and more difficult to stop. Unfortunately in the United States, half a million people die each year from smoking related diseases and illnesses. In this book I have provided you with information on various programs that have proved successful for many people. These include: * Hypnosis * Laser Treatments which stimulate acupressure points to create a positive result * Zerosmoke a program using magnets which also stimulates acupressure points * Smoking medical retreats where I highlight the use of aversion therapy. * Wellbutrin / Zyban A prescription drug program for those who wish to stop smoking. * Herbal remedies and relaxation CD's and books. All of the above have their followers who have gained benefits by using these programs. Most effective stop smoking programs have three components: physical, psychological and social. They are all interlinked and support each other in a variety of ways which I explain in this book. In order for you to be successful with any stop smoking program, you need to have the motivation to really want to quit. Some people find quitting easy, while others find it more difficult, and in such cases there is always the temptation to stop the program and "have just one cigarette". I discuss this too in the book. I also discuss how your health will improve and the health benefits you will receive by stopping smoking. And what may surprise you is how quickly your body will react to this change. You will get certain health benefits very quickly, whilst others will take a little longer. But the important thing to understand is that it is never too late to quit smoking-even if you have been smoking for many years-your body will still get benefits but in this case it will take a little longer. So read this book, I have written it in a non-technical style so it is easy to understand, and start getting the health benefits that you deserve.
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ISBN: 9781547227785
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 9th, 2017
Pages: 40
Language: English