Backgammon: Pure Strategy (Paperback)

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"Backgammon - Pure Strategy" goes deeper into understanding the theory of the game, than any other book before it. This is not a beginners book. This is the book to take your game from intermediate or advanced, into the expert or world class level.The book explains how the backgammon AI algorithms (artificial intelligence) work, and how we as humans can get inspired from them. With this inspiration, the book presents a very strong framework of understanding the dynamics and strategy of the game: a human neural net philosophy. But instead of using brute force calculation power as a computer does, we use pattern recognition and conceptual thinking. The second part of the book consists of 129 quiz positions, where the ideas and principles of the first part are put to practice. The reader is encouraged to make an effort to find the best move and understand what's going on in the position. Each position has an in-depth analysis, when you turn the page.It's safe to say, that no other backgammon book in the world will make you (re)think this deeply about backgammon strategy.

About the Author

Marc Brockmann Olsen, former football player with a degree in economics, is part of the new generation of backgammon theorists. His understanding of the game is inspired by the AI algorithms that plays the game perfectly. His first book "Backgammon - From basics to badass" is a best-seller in the backgammon world, with more than 5000 copies sold the first five years of publication. It's often referred to as the best book in the new era to teach beginners and intermediates about the basic principles of backgammon strategy. His new book "Backgammon - Pure Strategy" is a high level philosophical book about backgammon strategy. This book is written for advanced and expert players to take their game into world class level.
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ISBN: 9781539640363
ISBN-10: 1539640361
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 16th, 2017
Pages: 470
Language: English