BOOST Your MEMORY Today: The Beginner's Guide To Having A More Powerful Brain (Paperback)

BOOST Your MEMORY Today: The Beginner's Guide To Having A More Powerful Brain By Jason Lee Cover Image
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The Case of the Argent Gargoyle: A K.C. Kidd Mystery Ever felt like someone was watching you? K.C. (yeah, it is okay to call him Casey) Kidd isn't your regular Joe. It is 1949, the world wars have been over for a while, but Casey still hasn't gotten his feet under him yet. The Army was pretty good to him, but the return to civilian life left him cold. Unable to hold a job for too long - there just wasn't enough excitement for the recipient of the Bronze Star, Silver Star, and two Purple Hearts - Kidd was a bit of a mess. He smoked. A lot. He drank. A lot. But what kept him going, what made K.C. Kidd, a going concern, was his ability to find things. In the war, it was landmines and explosive charges. Now, when he could see the work, he would find... other things. And he was damned good at it. So it wasn't a bad thing when the woman walked into the bar. His bar. Simone Drinkwater, the kind of dame any flatfoot would love to go three rounds with. She had lost something, and she'd heard that Casey was the kind of man who wouldn't let a woman like her slip by without fixing whatever problem she had. And Casey could tell she had at least two big problems that needed handling. Personally. The Case of the Argent Gargoyle includes - * A brief history of Golem Lore * The secrets of the lost treasure of Colom Bahr * How K. C. earned his Stripes in the War - World War II * And Much More Once you pick up a K.C. Kidd novel, you'll be hooked; everyone loves a hero, and none stand as tall or hit as hard as Casey can. Don't wait another minute. Discover the secret of the Argent Gargoyle, and stop the Nazis before they reach for the Reich again.
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ISBN: 9781519352590
ISBN-10: 151935259X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 1st, 2015
Pages: 50
Language: English