Memory How to Develop, Train and Use It: The Complete & Unabridged Classic Edition (Paperback)

Memory How to Develop, Train and Use It: The Complete & Unabridged Classic Edition By Summit Classic Press (Editor), Owen R. Howell (Introduction by), William Walker Atkinson Cover Image


This premium quality edition includes the complete text of William Walker Atkinson's classic "memory improvement" text in a freshly edited and newly typeset edition. With a generous 5.5" x 8.5" page size, this Summit Classic Press edition is printed on heavyweight 60# bright white paper with a fully laminated cover featuring an original full color design. Also included is a new, original biographical sketch discussing the author and his work.
Memory: How to Develop, Train and Use It is a time-tested, comprehensive study of the concepts and principles of memory improvement, written by New Thought and self-improvement pioneer William Walker Atkinson. Presented in a straightforward manner in plain language, the text guides the reader through a study of the general concepts of memory improvement and the application of these doctrines. The systematic, straightforward style of Atkinson's work makes the often abstract concepts accessible to all readers, as he explores topics like the subconscious retention of information, various systems for memorization, and the key roles of attention and association in the memory process.
Atkinson's work teaches specific methodologies for training the eyes and ears for memory improvement, and offers specific approaches to improving your memory for names, faces, places, numbers, events, music, specific facts, stories, words and sentences, and more.
For over one hundred years western students have been aided in their study of self-improvement principles, New Thought philosophy and eastern teachings by the writing of William Walker Atkinson, also known by his pseudonym, "Yogi Ramacharaka." William Walker Atkinson (1862-1932) was an incredibly prolific American writer who published extensively in areas of yoga, the occult, eastern mysticism, personal development, and related subjects. A successful businessman and attorney, Atkinson suffered what may have been a nervous breakdown in the late 1880's and, in the course of his recovery, became immersed in the "new thought" movement, eastern mysticism, and yoga.
Atkinson was a popular self-improvement and personal development writer, a leading voice in the New Thought movement and a serious and devoted student of Hindu philosophy and yoga, and was a major force in introducing these concepts to the United States. His writings are still widely read and well-respected, and his "Yoga Philosophy and Oriental Occultism" is considered an excellent basic text for the western layman.
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