Differences Diffused (Hardcover)

Differences Diffused By Kyler Wescott Krieg Cover Image
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Once upon a time, in a starlit room, you were somewhere else. A place where unbelievable bread couldn't stand to be. Not being near the fluffy bread filled pan, you longed for a warm slice slathered in buttery cream, rich in smoothness of texture. So far away from your taste buds' reverie, you settled for some burnt toast and jam.......Don't. You'll not regret one bite of the words written on any of the pages found within. In this book you will see that all stand in need of a new vision in order to believe that every person is more deep and different than even they, themselves, think. Emotions will be dissected with words to their point of origin. Feelings will be defined past original scope. You will understand further meaning behind what is so easily overlooked due to the careless speed at which society pushes you to live life. Many of the pieces contrived here are actual experiences that have personally been endured, to some you may feel a close relation. A plethora of the feelings written are free thoughts that you may find have made their way to your brain in the short moments before a restful sleep, or possibly during your travel across long distances. There is a sense of relation found when reading these words that unifies individuals regardless of race, situation, experience, and overall difference. Keeping an open mind will come more naturally as a result of reading this book. Inspiration is something lacking when it comes to self respect. The words in this book help rekindle what amount of self respect you may feel eludes you. If you take your time with these words you will be inspired to extend to others what respect you have for yourself. A glimpse of what it means to be another, fully and completely, is found in these poetic streams. You'll learn what it is to laugh until you've lost your breath, you'll also know what kind of feeling it takes to cause one to weep and not care to wipe away the tears. This book focuses on rebuilding the pers.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781478757689
ISBN-10: 147875768X
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: August 21st, 2015
Pages: 234
Language: English