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Richard III remains one of England's most controversial kings. Tales and descriptions of his persona and reign have been set forth by many writers and historians, including Shakespeare and Sir Thomas More, of a man who was cruel and a hunchback, as well as being responsible for the disappearance and murder of his two nephews; the Princes in the Tower. These stories have unfortunately led to a king who was largely misunderstood and greatly disliked. Today, with the availability of modern sciences, these assumptions can be re-addressed and the character of Richard III can be exonerated and his tale retold.

This new look at Richard's life is told with careful attention to historical detail and gives an introduction to the period, before focussing on the kings life and family. The world of Richard III and those around him is brought to life with generous descriptions of fourteenth century society and medieval life. Various aspects of Richard's life including his religious views, education, well known contributions to society, and the colorful events that occurred outside of battle, that symbolize medieval culture; such as tournaments and heraldry are examined.

In addition, the road to the discovery of his lost grave in 2012 is discussed, supported by up to date information and scientific analysis of how Richard's body was discovered and identified. This new work by author, A. C. McMillin, takes the reader on a journey back in time and provides a new perspective of one of England's most notorious monarchs.
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ISBN: 9781473867895
ISBN-10: 1473867894
Publisher: Pen and Sword History
Publication Date: November 30th, 2024
Language: English