How to Write Better Business Letters (Hardcover)

How to Write Better Business Letters By Earle A. Buckley Cover Image
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Letter writing today is a profession, an art. Don't take It too much for granted. Don't just dash off a so-called sales letter and send It out, hoping It will do an effective job - or hurriedly and thoughtlessly dictate a routine business letter, satisfied if it just answers another. There's power in a good letter and not to take advantage of it is an economic waste. Remember that by their very customs and traditions people are vitally Interested In letters. Of all the kinds of mail received, they are invariably opened first, and that's true whether the address on the envelope is handwritten or typewritten. So, your letter has a decided advantage to begin with. It is almost certain to be opened and - shall we say - scanned? Whether it is read, assimilated and acted upon depends to a large extent on the way you have put your thoughts together, on the construction of your message. If you want to write better letters - friendlier, more convincing, more resultful - I believe the careful reading of this book will help you. It wasn't prepared for the professional letter writer, but rather for the many thousands of men and women who perhaps write good letters now, but who could write outstanding letters with a little of the right kind of study and application. If I have done a good job, you should be able to apply immediately the information this book contains to your own individual problems. I hope sincerely that you can and that in a short while every one of the letters you turn out will be a sales letter in every sense of the term, regardless of its primary purpose.
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ISBN: 9781443721844
ISBN-10: 1443721840
Publisher: Vincent Press
Publication Date: November 17th, 2008
Pages: 224
Language: English